17 thoughts on ““string(s)” ~ PhotoHunt

  1. Wow! Those are some amazing vines. I’ve never seen any like that. I assume that’s in Hawaii?
    Everything is fine here – Hanna’s gone and the sun is out. We got a ton of rain but the winds weren’t too bad. There’s some flooding in parts of the state but overall, it wasn’t a bad one. Thanks for checking in!
    I took the sand castle photo in Carrboro, NC, outside a grocery store that was celebrating its 20th anniversary. You can see that it says “Weaver St.” at the top….that’s the store, kinda like a locally owned Whole Foods.
    Have a great weekend!


  2. I took this banyan tree photo in Waikiki. We have a few (that I am aware of) on the island that are huge! Thanks for the explanation on the sand sculpture. Glad you are ok.


  3. I see you know that this is a banyan tree. We have some beautiful ones in Florida. They’re incredible trees and you’ve done well to capture their essence. Thanks for stopping by Spatter…


  4. Hey a banyan tree! They are one of my favorites! I had a bonsaied one for ten years – ficus hillii – a dwarf version.
    When I lived up in Brisbane I used to see these a lot – none down here in cold Canberra though.
    They have them in warmer Sydney too – massive ones – Port Jackson Figs.


  5. Hi Girasoli, great theme photo selection! Those vines are incredible. And that banyan tree is so huge! I don’t think I’ve seen any that big before.
    Very cool! Have a great weekend!


  6. how could i overlook the banyan tree! that’s a great take on the theme. These trees bring back a lot of memories for me in primary school days. We used to play around these trees rumoured to swallow litle boys alive if we were naughty! Thanks for the reminder! :)


  7. Thanks everyone. This was one of those ” I knew right away which photo(s) to use for the weekly theme” weeks. Next week has me clueless though. Not sure what I am going to use for “wild”. Looking forward to seeing what you will be posting.


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