church of San Domenico ~ Modena

One of the first buildings that caught my attention when arriving in Modena was this vibrantly colored building located in Piazzale San Domenico:


To the right of this building ~ the church of San Domenico:


I find myself fascinated by so many of the church buildings in Italy. I loved the colors of this church. I would have liked to take a peek inside. Unfortunately the church was closed when I was there.

More photos of the church of San Domenico:


Another view of the piazzale and statue taken later in the day:


Close up of the statue:

mod stat

9 thoughts on “church of San Domenico ~ Modena

  1. Wonderful photos, Girasoli! The colours and the light are fantastic.
    Lovely statue — it looks like chains had been attached to her wrists at one time, I wonder if something was once displayed along with her?


  2. The first photo reminds me of a building in Santa Margherita, decorated with trompe-l’œil. If I remember correctly, you recently posted a photo of this building, maybe for PhotoHunt? I’ve never been to Modena but looking at your beautiful photos has piqued my interest. Love the pictures!


  3. I meant to say that the photo of the building in SML was the one I remember seeing on the PhotoHunt entry, not this beautiful one from Modena. Sorry for my sloppy writing. I have to learn to write more clearly.


  4. What gorgeous, stunning colours! These photos remind me of Pisa in the late afternoon sun…when the buildings just glow with those lovely oranges and yellows.


  5. Sandra, good question. I had no knowledge of the statue/meaning and since I was only there on a daytrip, I didn’t have much time to find out.
    María, ok you are confusing me know :) I have been working on not much sleep lately. The colors are similar. Good memory!
    Annie, Leslie & Anne, I think one of the things I loved about Modena was her buildings. I plan to do at least one more post with more views of the city.


  6. Hi Girasoli, cool photos. And I love all the different angles you took of this beautiful and colorful church!
    Have a great evening. Can’t wait to see more of Modena!


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