eek a bug!

We have been having some type of bug infestation in our classroom. Today, I saw signs of bug droppings (eeewww) on and around one of our computers. Between our computer table and our science center is a large rolling bulletin board which acts as a divider. As I was trying to figure out where they were coming from, I looked underneath bulletin board divider and saw a huge gross scary looking bug caught in a spiderweb by one of the wheels. I was not about to touch it in case it was still alive. I went to find the custodian. He followed me back to my room. I pointed out where the creepy bug was. He crawled under the table to find the bug and then began to laugh. The creepy bug turned out to be the plastic bug that came with our new little bug magnifier. They sure make realistic looking bugs these days!

the bug…

4 thoughts on “eek a bug!

  1. I once sprayed the be-heck out of a gross looking spider out in the corridor, next to a kid’s bag. Then someone told me it was a rubber one. Used up so much of the bug spray!


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