the guy in the fiat

No, this is not a post about George Clooney…

While wandering down a street in Alessandria, I noticed this beautiful building. I think it was either a hospital or a senior citizen home. As I got closer to the entrance to try to read the sign, I noticed this cool car – my second favorite car in Italy, the Fiat.

FIAT is an acronym for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (Italian Automobile Factory of Turin). This summer, I heard another cute acronym for the Fiat: “Fix It Again Tony”. I can’t take credit for this acronym though. A friend of Diana’s told us this joke while we were having dinner at her B&B one night.

But back to the car…oh I mean the guy in the car.. Just as I went to take a photo, the guy noticed me and gave me “stink eye” (a local expression). That’s my story. Nothing worthy of the gossip rags, just a guy in a car…


9 thoughts on “the guy in the fiat

  1. I love the Fiat 500! Four years ago, while in Palermo with my husband, we saw a 500 in immaculate condition in the giardiniera model (station wagon with a sunroof) that was for sale. We tried to buy it and hoped to bring it home but as foreigners we couldn’t buy an Italian car. My favorite picture of a Fiat is the one in my profile on Slowtalk, a red Fiat on the island of Elba.
    When you mentioned the ‘stink eye’ I thought for a second on the evil eye.


  2. Hi Girasoli, that’s a cute car . . . but it would look a whole lot cuter to me with GC in it instead of the guy with the “stink eye”! :) Ha ha!


  3. Leslie, let us know when you post them.
    Annie, isn’t it? Even though I put a link to the definition, it is such an everyday expression here that I keep forgetting that it is not used elsewhere. It is a convenient term to use!
    María, that is a very cool car! Do you have a photo of the one you tried to buy? Too bad you couldn’t buy it. I didn’t realize foreigners cannot buy Italian cars. Evil eye would also work for stink eye (just a little less evil than a true evil eye).
    Kathy…so true!!
    Menehune…I wish!
    and…glad you all thought the bug was realistic looking. I don’t feel as bad dragging the custodian to my room.


  4. No, I don’t have a photo but should have taken one. It was beautiful! I told my husband that we could almost take it with us instead of our luggage. I haven’t given up on the idea of owning one. It’s the prefect size for me!


  5. I love that car — that’s exactly what I had been hoping to rent (instead of the monster BMW with no keys that I got. Less than fun!)
    Maybe the guy just has a naturally sour expression.


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