the guy in the fiat

No, this is not a post about George Clooney…

I saw this cool car while in Alessandria this summer. My second favorite car in Italy, the Fiat. FIAT is an acronym for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (Italian Automobile Factory of Turin). This summer, I heard another cute acronym for the Fiat: “Fix It Again Tony”. I can’t take credit for this acronym though. A friend of Diana’s told us this joke while we were having dinner at her B&B one night. But back to the car…oh I mean the guy in the car.

While wandering down a street in Alessandria, I noticed this beautiful building. I think it was either a hospital or a senior citizen home. As I got closer to the entrance to try to read the sign, I noticed this cool car. Just as I went to take a photo, the guy noticed me and gave me “stink eye” (a local expression). That’s my story. Nothing worthy of the gossip rags, just a guy in a car…


9 thoughts on “the guy in the fiat

  1. I love the Fiat 500! Four years ago, while in Palermo with my husband, we saw a 500 in immaculate condition in the giardiniera model (station wagon with a sunroof) that was for sale. We tried to buy it and hoped to bring it home but as foreigners we couldn’t buy an Italian car. My favorite picture of a Fiat is the one in my profile on Slowtalk, a red Fiat on the island of Elba.
    When you mentioned the ‘stink eye’ I thought for a second on the evil eye.


  2. Hi Girasoli, that’s a cute car . . . but it would look a whole lot cuter to me with GC in it instead of the guy with the “stink eye”! :) Ha ha!


  3. Leslie, let us know when you post them.
    Annie, isn’t it? Even though I put a link to the definition, it is such an everyday expression here that I keep forgetting that it is not used elsewhere. It is a convenient term to use!
    María, that is a very cool car! Do you have a photo of the one you tried to buy? Too bad you couldn’t buy it. I didn’t realize foreigners cannot buy Italian cars. Evil eye would also work for stink eye (just a little less evil than a true evil eye).
    Kathy…so true!!
    Menehune…I wish!
    and…glad you all thought the bug was realistic looking. I don’t feel as bad dragging the custodian to my room.


  4. No, I don’t have a photo but should have taken one. It was beautiful! I told my husband that we could almost take it with us instead of our luggage. I haven’t given up on the idea of owning one. It’s the prefect size for me!


  5. I love that car — that’s exactly what I had been hoping to rent (instead of the monster BMW with no keys that I got. Less than fun!)
    Maybe the guy just has a naturally sour expression.


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