beautiful yellow building

These are the three photos I took of the building in Alessandria where the car was parked (previous post). Because the street was a very narrow one way street, it was impossible to get the entire building in one frame. I wish I took a photo of the doorway.


7 thoughts on “beautiful yellow building

  1. Thanks everyone. I think the building was either a senior citizen home or some type of hospital. I was only in Alessandria for one day and spent much of it checking out the summer sales in some of the stores, so I only hit the surface of this lovely little city, but from what I saw, it was one of my favorite buildings I saw while in Alessandria. I wished I had a better lens on my camera that could take wide shots. It was very difficult to photograph. The yellow buildings in Italy are one of my favorite colored buildings. They are so sunny and bright.
    Lilly, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. No sighting of George yet during my travels in Italy.


  2. Sandra, Diana is going to try to check this place out to try to figure out what it is. I think it was a senior citizen home or some type of hospital. Definitely a beautiful place, at least on the outside.


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