displayimage Paul Newman was not only a great actor and quite a hunk; he was also a successful sports car racer, an extremely generous person, a devoted family man, and a remarkable human being.

My mother, a huge Paul Newman fan, had a poster-sized photo of Paul Newman hanging on our bathroom door when I was growing up. The photo was black and white except for his blue eyes. I can still picture that handsome face and those beautiful blue eyes staring at me whenever I closed our bathroom door. How fortunate was I to get to gaze at Paul Newman every day.

I have also been a huge fan of Paul Newman. He has made so many great movies including my all time favorite, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Whenever I watched Paul Newman act, he always made me smile.

Besides being a fan of his acting, I have been most impressed by his generosity. Paul Newman started Newman’s Own as a joke in 1982 and ended up raising over 250 million dollars, all of which has been donated to thousands of charities all over the world. He has never even earned a nickel profit for himself from any of his food products.

I am so very saddened to hear of Paul Newman’s death. My deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends. Farewell Paul Newman. The world will not be the same without you.

Below is a video from the Newman’s Own Foundation website:

8 thoughts on “farewell…

  1. Hi Girsasoli, this is an awesome tribute post. I am also a huge fan of his. I absolutely loved him in “The Sting” and like you I am most impressed with his generoslity to helping those in need. So few celebrities give back to their communities. I absolutely loved this video. Thanks so much for sharing it.
    Have a great week!


  2. How cool that you had him hanging in your bathroom as a kid!
    Butch Cassidy was my father’s favorite movie, and when he was in the hospital, I remember we took the soundtrack there so he could listen to it.
    What a wonderful man Paul was. Great post.


  3. Hi, it’s me again, your East Coast friend giving you a head’s up about upcoming TV. :)
    Tonight on the ABC National News, they showed Robert Redford giving a wonderful tribute to Paul. It was so moving, I got all choked up watching it. Both of them are so much more than entertainers – they’ve used their success to really make a difference in the world.
    ABC said that it will be on their website, in case you aren’t able to see it.


  4. It was interesting to see how much coverage his death received in Europe — a lot!
    I was also a fan and must confess that Slap Shot was one of my favourite Paul Newman movies. He didn’t seem at all afraid to mock his glamourous movie star image!


  5. Kathy, I loved The Sting also! I can still remember watching this movie with my mom.
    Annie, your dad must have really appreciated that.
    Sandra, I saw some of the tributes in the papers in Italy (online). I think he was well known worldwide.
    I bought a couple of Newman’s Own products today for sentimental reasons.


  6. Oh I wish I’d seen the show Annie mentioned, I love both of them. This is really a nice tribute, girasoli, how thoughtful. I will miss Mr. Newman also, he had a lot of class…and those eyes, oh man how beautiful!


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