my “LOST” sighting…

Yesterday evening, after having dinner with friends in town, I went to Whole Foods. The grand opening for the first Whole Foods store on the island was September 10th. I have been waiting so long for this store to finally open and I was not disappointed. The first time I went was the day after the Grand Opening. The store of course was packed.

Because I buy most of my food at health food stores, the cost ends up being not that much different for many of the products I buy at Whole Foods and there are more choices for me there as well as free range chicken. The only downfall is that the store is located 30 miles from my house.

Last night was my second visit to Whole Foods. I bought some organic chicken and could not believe the difference in the taste. Not because it was organic (I have bought organic chicken before) but because it was so fresh! Wow! What a difference! The chicken tasted so much better than the organic chicken I have bought in the regular grocery stores. I found out that many of the products at Whole Foods are flown in. The chicken as well as many of the other products in the other grocery stores arrive after traveling by barge (which takes days).

Finally, we have the opportunity to purchase fresh products! I even found mozzarella bufala at Whole Foods! I enjoyed the most delicious caprese salad for lunch today. The mozzarella melted in my mouth. Even the tomatoes were worth the drive.

But I digress…. back to my “Lost” sighting (which was actually my 2nd Lost sighting)…

I drove into the parking lot around 8:30 last night and was thrilled to find a parking spot right in front of the store. I grabbed a cart and headed inside. I was pleasantly surprised to find the store much less crowded. Because this was only my second visit, I wasn’t really sure where to start. For some reason I started in the middle of the store. As I was standing in front of the gluten free section at the end of the aisle, I noticed a a two-tier cart being pushed by someone. As I looked up, standing right in front of me was Sayid!! (Naveen Andrews) from LOST. He was even better looking than on TV. Our eyes met momentarily and then he walked on by. I was definitely flustered. I could not focus on shopping. Instead, I plotted a way to get another look in a casual way. I did not want to be a stalker but I just had to get another glance.

I pushed my cart by a few aisles until I spotted him again and then casually walked by him. With two quick glances, I could not take my eyes off his face. I remember him wearing a tight black shirt and I think he was wearing capris or long shorts but cannot be sure and I have no idea what type of shoes he was wearing. All I can say is, WOW, he is drop dead gorgeous! It took me about 30 minutes before I was finally able to concentrate on shopping again. What a thrill to see him in person, even if it was only momentarily. He is definitely my favorite character on LOST now. I can’t wait til the season begins!

Here’s more about my 1st Lost sighting….

On April 24th, 2007, I posted a comment on the Everything Else Slow Travel thread about my “LOST” sighting ~ my Hurley sighting. Here was that post:

I just had to share! Today while shopping at my favorite health food store, I almost bumped right into Hurley!! If you watch LOST you will know who he is.

I was heading over to the hot food section to get a stuffed polenta pepper as he was just leaving that section. That area of the store does not have a lot of room to get by one another and so we almost bumped right into each other as we walked by each other. It took me a second to realize who he was. I tried my best to not look like I recognized him, although inside I wanted to yell out, “Hurley! I love your character and I love Lost!” but I kept my cool. After getting my hot food, I just had my papaya left to get. AND there he was again at the papaya section checking out all the wonderful papayas. I stalled at the other fruits waiting for him to finish choosing his papaya so as not to look like I was following him, but he was there for quite a while, and I was not going to go home without my papaya, so I headed over and grabbed one.

He then went over to the check out line. I was also done shopping, but did not want him to think I was stalking him and so I went down one more aisle since only one check out line was open. After walking down the aisle I went back to the check out area. Still no one else in line, so I got in line behind him. WOW, I thought, I am standing right next to Hurley!

He looks exactly like he does on Lost and was wearing basically the same type of clothing as he does in the show. Pretty Cool!!

Hope all is well with everyone! I have been busy watching the Red Sox. They lost a tough one in the 12th inning tonight but still only need one more win to move on to the ALCS.


8 thoughts on “my “LOST” sighting…

  1. Hi Girasoli, great post. Whoo Hoo about spotting Naveen. I don’t watch Lost as much as I used to, but I have to say that he is my favorite on the show too.
    Have a great week.


  2. I’m so glad you got a Whole Foods; I love that store even though I don’t shop there as much as I did before we got our Farmer’s Market.
    I’ve never seen LOST so wasn’t familiar with the guy but I agree, pretty dang handsome! And how cool to run into him!


  3. Hee. I am getting such a kick reading this.
    OMG, you have a papaya section??? Somehow, the brussels sprouts on the stalk at my store just do not compare.


  4. That’s a fabulous celebrity sighting, well done!!!. I don’t watch Lost, but I remember I saw the same actor (Andrews) in the Bollywood movie “Bride and Prejudice” and a friend mentioned he’s a big star on Lost. He’s very hot!


  5. LOST is such a great show! It doesn’t start until January again so you still have time to catch up if you rented the series. I am looking forward to seeing more of Naveen on my TV. I might need to get HD for a better view :)
    Amy, it took me a few minutes to get what you meant by the “papaya” section. I guess we don’t have an official papaya section but we usually have a spot (sometimes by itself) where there is a huge pile of papayas, sometimes even two varieties in two bins next to each other. I guess a photo would be better as an explanation. I will try to remember to bring my camera with me next time.
    Kathy, I was jumping up and down screaming when they won tonight! Last year I raised my hands and put my hand right in my ceiling fan when they won a close game in the playoffs. So far no hands in fans yet this year. I am looking for photos now to do a post :)


  6. It’s interesting that we take for granted what we have daily on the mainland compared to what is not readily available on the islands. Whole Foods yea – big fan – they have some great salsa!
    After last night’s Sox win, I KNEW I had to visit your blog this morning. Yes, it was delicious and nail-biting. The Angels are a good team and somehow it felt they were more of a threat than the Yankees had been in past years. Now, on to the bigger test! I was soo happy for Bay and Jedidiah~


  7. We are slowly catching up over here as more stores arrive. Next up to open is Target.
    Tampa Bay is not going to be easy, although I also thought the Angels would be tough.


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