next stop…Tampa Bay!!

Woo hoo!!! Sox win!! Sox win!!


I have to admit that I was a little nervous going in to this series with the Angels having the best record in both the American and National Leagues. This definitely was a nail biting, hold your breath, pacing back and forth kind of series. I wrote a mini-summary of the four games below. I hope you enjoy it. For more in depth detail on the games, click on any of my Red Sox blog links…

Game 1Sox 4 – Angels 1 – LA scores one in the 3rd, we score two runs in the sixth and then two more runs in the ninth and seal the deal.

Game 2Sox 7 – Angels 5 – we score 4 in the first, the Angels slowly chip away at our lead. We are tied 5-5 in the 8th. Drew hits a 2 run home run in the ninth to win the game.

Looking good…we are leading 2 games to none and heading back to Boston for the next two (if needed). We only need one more win and seal the deal.

Game 3Angels 5 – Sox 4 – the game is tied up 4-4 in the fifth and ends up going extra innings with the Angels scoring and winning the game in the 12th.

We have to win the next game or we head back to LA and that will not be good. GO SOX!!!

Game 4Sox 3 – Angels 2 – we score two in the fifth, they tie it up in the 8th and then we get a walk off single in the bottom of the ninth…Sox Win!! Sox Win!!

Next up – Tampa Bay which will be another tough series…
Gm 1 – BOS @ TB – Fri – Oct. 10 – 8:37 PM
Gm 2 – BOS @ TB – Sat – Oct. 11 – 8:07 PM
Gm 3 – TB @ BOS – Mon – Oct. 13 – 4:37 PM
Gm 4 – TB @ BOS – Tue – Oct. 14 – 8:07 PM
Gm 5* – TB @ BOS – Thu – Oct. 16 – 8:07 PM
Gm 6* – BOS @ TB – Sat – Oct. 18 – 4:37 PM
Gm 7* – BOS @ TB – Sun – Oct. 19 – 8:07 PM
(times are EST, all games on TBS, games 5-7 if needed)


8 thoughts on “next stop…Tampa Bay!!

  1. HI Girasoli, Yay! Red Sox Win! I watched last night and the nail biter the night before. It was an awesome series and although I should be cheering for the Angels, I cheered for your Red Sox!
    Congratulations! Go Red Sox . . .


  2. Go Red Sox!!! (My poor colleague is, of course, disheartened because his beloved Cubs are out) But congratulations — I’m happy for you and your team.


  3. Thanks everyone! I love October Baseball!!
    Annie, thanks!
    Kathy, how is it determined whether So. Calif. residents choose between the Angels and the Dodgers as their team? Glad you are on our side :)
    Sandra, I was really rooting for the Cubs. I wanted to see them in the World Series so bad. I know their pain – 100 years now. I still would have rooted for the Red Sox if they get in also but I wouldn’t be horribly upset if the Cubs won. I also felt bad (but not too bad) for the Angels when they lost.


  4. Hi Girasoli, that’s a great question. Although both teams are Southern California Teams they originated from two different Counties. Most Los Angeles residents follow the Dodgers (traditionally). The new Los Angeles Angels team used to be the Anahiem Angels which is part of Orange County and most of their residents cheer for the Angels. Now that your Red Sox beat the Angels, we’ll probably all now cheer for the Dodgers. :)
    I’m looking forward to continuing to cheer for your Red Sox in the next series!


  5. Thanks for the explanation Kathy. I always wondered how fans chose teams when there are two in the same area. Do the Angels still play in Anaheim? I remember them changing names but I wasn’t sure if they also moved.


  6. Hi Girasoli, the former Anahiem Angels still play in Anahiem although they are now the Los Angeles Angels. There was some controversy when the new owner wanted to change the team’s name. The residents of Anahiem took offense. I thought they sort of had a point about that, but I guess money talks. The owners bought the team and they wanted to name it the Los Angeles Angeles and they did. Soon after I think the residents learned to accept it (especially when they were winning!).
    I’m watching the Dodgers play right now and they are losing 3-2 in the 8th inning! I’ll have to find out when your Red Sox play!


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