incredible comeback!!!!

We are down 3 games to 1 and on the verge of elimination. Tampa Bay only needs one more win and our season is over. We lost the previous two games in Fenway
9-1 and 13-4 and we are losing badly again tonight at this point in the game as
you can tell by the crowd’s reaction.


The score is 7-0 in the 7th inning. I am thinking, no way. The lead is just too big, but still, I have that tiny ray of hope. We have comeback before. We lost the first 3 games to the Yankees, and then came back to win the next 4 games in a row in 2004 and we were down 3 games to 1 to the Indians, and then came back to win the next 3 in a row last year.

Bottom of the 7th, Jed Lowrie doubles to deep right. The crowd wakes up. Then both Jason Varitek and Mark Kotsay fly out to center field. Two outs! It is not looking good. Coco Crisp is up next. He singles to left field, advancing Jed Lowrie to third. With a man in scoring position, Dustin Pedrioa, our MVP is up. The crowd gets loud. He singles to right and Jed Lowrie scores!! Woo hoo!!! It is now 7-1. The crowd goes crazy! Coco Crisp is now at third base and Big Papi is up to bat! Of course TBS has to remind us that he has not hit a home run in a long long time. HOME RUN!!!!

The crowd goes wild. It’s now 7-4. Is it possible? Could we actually win this game?

Bottom of the 8th. Jason Bay is up first. He walks. Next up, JD Drew. HOME RUN!!!!


It is now 7-6. The crowd goes wild again. We could actually win this game!!

As the 8th continues, Jed Lowrie flies out to left and Sean Casey strikes out. With two outs, Mark Kotsay doubles to deep center. Coco Crisp is up next. He singles to right field and Mark Kotsay scores the tying run!!!!


Meanwhile, Coco Crisp tries to stretch a single to a double is tagged out. Three outs. The score is tied 7-7!!! It is pandemonium in Fenway Park!

Papelbon (our closer) already pitched the 7th and 8th innings to stop the bleeding, so our rookie pitcher, Justin Masterson is pitching the ninth. After lots of pacing, wringing hands, and nail biting, we get out of the inning without allowing Tampa Bay to score. The score is still tied 7-7.

Bottom of the 9th. Dustin Pedroia is up first. He grounds out to third. One out. Then Big Papi strikes out. Two outs. Youk is up next. He hits the ball to the third baseman. Pretty much everyone is thinking automatic out, BUT the third baseman makes a bad throw and the ball goes into the stands. Kevin Youkilis advances to second base on the error and is now in scoring position!! Jason Bay is up next. Wouldn’t that be amazing if Jason Bay, the person traded for Manny Ramirez would score the game winning run. NOPE, Tampa Bay intentionally walks him and instead faces JD Drew, the guy that hit a home run in the 8th inning.

My heart is racing. Unbelievable!! JD Drew hits a walk off single to deep right field and Kevin Youkilis scores. 8-7!!!! SOX WIN!!!! SOX WIN!!!!


It is the biggest postseason comeback since 1929 and another magical night in Fenway Park!!

*EDITED: Some added trivia ~ This was the biggest comeback ever in a playoff elimination game. The previous record was 5 runs last done by the Angels in game 6 of the 2002 World Series, and interestingly the bench coach for the Angels that day was Joe Maddon (the current manager of the Tampa Bay Rays).

Our season is still alive!! GO SOX!!!!

10 thoughts on “incredible comeback!!!!

  1. It’s our summer sports season here at school and we have started our term long baseball game based on the unit of work I wrote on Sandlot Kids – the DVD.
    Our teams are the Red Sox and the Yankees. We have three stadiums we play on, Wrigley Field, Fenway Park and Dodger Stadium.
    Some of my kids, I have had for three years. We are a “pastoral care” school. So this is their third summer of making Smores and playing basball.


  2. Hi Girasoli, that was an Awesome comeback win! The fans that left in the 7th inninng are probably kicking themselves…
    Whoo hoo! Congrats to your Red Sox, well deserved win!


  3. I love magical amazing sports comebacks like this! I didn’t see it but I read about it in the paper this morning. I bet you were about to hyperventilate! Glad your Sox are still alive!


  4. Girasoli, even I (not much of a baseball fan) heard about this historic win on the radio this morning! And thought of you — yay! Go Sox!
    At last, a GOOD memory connected to 1929!


  5. I thought of you while we were watching this incredible game. As they say – It ain’t over until the fat lady sings. You gotta wait until the very end.


  6. Leslie, what fun your kids must have! There is so much you can learn through baseball.
    menehune, yes indeed!!
    Kathy, I can’t believe anyone left. I am sure they are kicking themselves!!
    Annie, it was pretty tense at the end!
    Marta, that is correct, the fat lady was not ready to sing just yet :) How can any true fan leave? The game is never over until the very last strike/and or out. Even though I was trying to resign myself that they were probably not going to win in the beginning of the 7th, I still had to watch it.


  7. Funny story about the fan! That sounds like something I might do during a Tar Heel game. Sometimes I’m completely hoarse at the end of a big game.


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