“family” ~ PhotoHunt

One afternoon, while in Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy, I spent about 30 minutes sitting on a park bench watching the cutest brother and sister checking out this fountain as their dad sat nearby.


13 thoughts on ““family” ~ PhotoHunt

  1. Oh my that’s sweet. And I know that fountain. :) Hey – I have seen a Smart each day for three days. and I drove by the stacked ones today. There were six in the stack and another parked next to them.


  2. Hi Girasoli, great theme photo selection! I love people watching too when I’m traveling. One of the best ways to see how daily life there.


  3. Thanks everyone!!
    Jerry, I was a little nervous at one point when the little one was trying to climb in. Big sister rescued him :)
    Leslie, that is so cool! I have yet to see another one since my one and only sighting here last year. I wonder if there are any on the island? Mango…yum!!!
    Kathy, I agree. I love being a fly on the wall, watching people interact.
    Annie, woooo hooooo!!! I am patiently waiting for the game to start today.


  4. Great photo, they really are so cute!
    On the SmartCar front here, the local newspaper The Ottawa Citizen (better known as The Ottawa Petfinder for its commitment to the most local possible news) did run an interesting story this weekend about how well SmartCars used locally can handle the snow of a Canadian winter.


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