vote early if you can

If your state supports early voting…don’t wait, VOTE!! It’s easy!! I voted today!! First day for early voting in Hawaii. No lines. Five minutes and I was done. I didn’t get a sticker like Annie did but I am saving my little slip of paper with my voting ballot number on it, hoping that it will be a very memorable souvenir representing the hard work so many have contributed to electing a president who will finally bring us the change this country needs.

News_EarlyVoting2_10-21_t650.jpgPhoto from the front page of the Steamboat Today newspaper (Steamboat, Colorado).
My aunt is 2nd from the left. How cool is that?

Barack the Vote!!!!
Obama/Biden ’08

11 thoughts on “vote early if you can

  1. Woo hoo! It felt good, didn’t it? I saved my sticker! Do you have machines in Hawaii? We had paper ballots and we bubbled in the circles, then put it through a scanner.
    And I love that photo – how cool that your aunt is in it!


  2. Hi Annie! I was so happy to finally vote! It felt great!! We have both electronic machines and paper ballots. I have voted early the past few elections and each time have used the electronic ballots so I forget how the paper ballots work. I think they are the type that we bubble in but am not sure. This time, I was going to ask for a paper ballot but the early voting site only had the electronic ballots so not choice.


  3. Hi Annie
    I just discovered tonight you put up a link for my blog, “The Mighty Quinn Media Machine” and I wanted to say I really appreciate that! It’s great knowing the Red Sox have fans in Hawaii! My cousin and her family live there, and every time I talk to them they say they never want to return to NYC!
    Anyway, I’ll put a link for you on my blog tonight as well.
    Keep the faith. Sox in 2009!
    All the best,
    The Omnipotent Q


  4. Hi Girasoli, congratulations on your vote and great photo of your aunt and other Obama supporters. I can’t wait to cast my vote. I’m voting on November 4, 2008 unless I can figure out how to vote earlier.
    Go Obama-Biden!


  5. It kinda surprises me that voting methods are so un-standardized across states (and even within states, I think).
    I forgot to mention this on my blog but here in NC, there is curbside early voting too. You don’t even have to get out of your car! The election workers bring the ballot out on a clipboard. Isn’t that funny?


  6. Chiocciola, it sure did!!
    Kathy, I am surprised California does not have early voting. November 4th still works :)
    Annie, you would think by 2008, the US would get it’s act together when it comes to voting for a president! Curbside voting! That is very cool!!!


  7. Hi John! Thanks for stopping by!! I don’t know why I am having so many problems with junk comments and apologize for not posting your comment sooner….I just found it in the junk folder.
    I have been reading your blog for a while now. I finally added some more of my favorite Sox blogs to my links the other day. Hawaii is pretty sad when it comes to baseball news. No talk radio either. Instead of even getting ESPN, we get local college football talk year long so blogs are my link to Sox news! I grew up in Massachusetts was born a Sox fan. It is in my blood. I have never been to NYC. One day I hope to get there. Sox in 2009…definitely!!
    By the way, Annie is another blogger – friend of mine who comments on my blog)….
    I go by “girasoli”.
    I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but there wasn’t an option for url/email address and name.
    I am honored that you have linked my blog since I am only a part time Sox blogger.


  8. Hi Girasoli
    Sorry about the mixup with the names, as I saw “Annie” on one of the posts and thought that was you! Oops!
    I know Hawaii is big on college football, as I see the Rainbows games on late night TV every once in a while. But I know that Shane Victorino is getting some ink there as the Hawaii native son is in the Series. Always liked that guy despite not being on the Sox.
    Thanks for checking out my blog.My pleasure to put up a link for you. It’s always good to know I have readers so far away, and I’m glad you check me out for Sox news…
    Hope all is well with you…
    The Q


  9. I can’t even imagine what voting is going to be like here in Jersey without early voting. I’ll be bringing a large cup of coffee with me and a good book, maybe a chair too. Mom waited over 2 hours to vote in Florida. Dad decided to just get an absentee ballot today and mail it in.


  10. My big concern would be needing to pee! Glad to hear that your mom voted early and your dad mailed his absentee ballot in. With Florida so close, every vote counts! I still think you and Chris should somehow figure out how to be registered there instead.


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