my new toy

I bought my last Mac (an iMac) in January 2001 and have wanted to get a new computer for a couple of years now. It has taken me a long time to decide on Mac to purchase. Last week, I finally decided. I ordered a Macbook Pro (previous model with a matte screen) at 5 am two days after the latest Mac laptops were revealed. I missed out on the refurb models (they went in one day) but I get my laptop for a great price.

My very cool new computer finally arrived after a couple of days dealing with FedEx. It took me over 4 hours just to transfer everything, which meant no access to both my old and my new computer during that time.

I still have a lot to learn! I am not familiar with many of the new features of Leopard, I can’t figure out where the screen shots go after I take them and I can’t figure out how to right click yet (without using a mouse).

My old version of photoshop elements does not work on this new computer. That means I will still need to use my old computer for any photo editing/resizing/etc. until I buy a newer version. So far all my other programs I have tried work.

Here is a photo of my new toy…



8 thoughts on “my new toy

  1. Congratulations! New toys are great. I bought a new desktop last spring and am still figuring it all out. I don’t have a laptop yet but hope to get one some day. Have fun!
    (whispering here…I’m almost afraid to speak or breathe, but the polls this morning look amazing. Montana? North Dakota? Lord lord.)


  2. Thanks everyone! I am having fun, although it has also been pretty time consuming. I have figured out a few more things, but still can’t figure out that right click yet. I love the new iLife apps and I can’t believe how fast my photos load on my new Mac. On my old computer, it took forever to look through one folder of photos. It is not the thin MacBook Air so I am not sure if I will travel with it, but it is nice to be able to use a computer while sitting on my couch instead of having to sit at my little desk.
    Annie, I know. Incredible huh? Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!! Thanks for the link. Great baseball analogy!!


  3. girasoli,
    Congratulations on becoming a new MacBook Pro user. This is the same laptop that I use now. I am very happy with it.
    I found it quite portable on my trip to Italy, only the accessories were a bit heavy. It all fit into my carry on case.
    You’ll get use to it soon and if you need help there should be an Apple Store where they offer tutorials.


  4. Hi chiaro! Thanks for leaving a comment. Now that I have had a little more time using my new Mac, I am very happy with my new computer. I have been watching some of the video tutorials online and have learned a few more things this weekend which will be fun to try out. The right click thing is still the only thing I need to know at this point. Other than that, I think I have got the basics now thanks to the tutorials. There are a lot of fun new features I am excited to try out once I have the time. It still is a little heavy for me when traveling by train but I just might take it with me on my next trip if I plan a very slow travel trip (only a couple of locations). Glad you are also happy with your MacBook Pro.


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