gelato in Acqui

One of the things I miss about Italy…

With gelato in one hand and camera in the other…not a great photo but at least if gives you an idea of how gelato is often served in Italy. The flavors ~ two of my favorites ~ nocciola (hazelnut) & pistacchio.


The gelateria… Cremeria Visconti


12 thoughts on “gelato in Acqui

  1. i love visconti, but my guests get there more often then I do! I am trying to solve that open id thing — there should be another place to put your url—there was when I did it. I will keep working on it.


  2. I don’t miss it at all. I have five containers up in my freezer right now, some with ice cream but others with gelato.
    Current flavors I have are: Amaretto, peach, maple syrup, mandarin and raspberry.
    I had it for breakfast and I had it for afternoon tea. I have gained 3 kilos just recently. I wonder why?
    I have also made butterscotch, mango, blackberry, cherry and cherry with blueberry.
    I used to miss it – I’m just not missing it right now. I am out of containers and out of freezer space.
    All of my spoons are bent. It looks like a psychic lives in my house. And I have a fridge filled with eggs, buttermilk and thickened cream. It’s my new hobby. Beats taking up smoking.
    With the October I had… I need something.


  3. Hi Girasoli, Oh how I miss Gelato . . . I mean Italy! :) I loved the shot of you holding the cone in one hand and taking a photo with the other. I did the exact same thing myself in Vencie! And since you mentioned your favorites, mine is coco and pistacchio (too)!
    Have a great weekend !


  4. Well, it’s decided — I’m headed to Acqui Terme for my next Italian holiday! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a gelato arrangement quite so tempting!
    Or, maybe I’ll go visit Leslie — it sounds like she is making some amazing gelato (I’d love to try cherry gelato!) And I want to see her bend some spoons…….
    Great photos, Girasoli! And I admire your ability to juggle cones and cameras!


  5. diana, so glad you pointed this place out to Jan, who in turn shared it with me. Lucky you to be able to get there when you can…better than all of us gelato-less here in the US. No worries really about the url thing.
    Lilly, thanks for the comment! I agree about the gelato being to “die for” :) Glad to meet another Italy lover.
    Leslie, you must have a large freezer! Too bad “taste” through the internet has not been invented. I would start out with your peach, raspberry, & mango! Sorry you had a rough October.
    Kathy, thanks! That shot was tricky, especially since the gelato kept melting! I had to keep stopping to lick the drips :) I love coco also!!
    Annie, I have wonderful memories of sitting in one of those chairs many times over the 5 days I spent in Acqui.
    softdrink, a little torture can’t hurt :) Dark chocolate used to be one of my favorites before I realized chocolate was a major migraine trigger.
    sandra, my only regret was not being able to try more flavors! The juggling act was quite amusing for anyone watching. I am not the most coordinated person.
    Palma, I never really liked pistachio that much until I had pistachio gelato in Italy…YUMMY!!


  6. MMMMMM….drool….MMMMMM…GELATO…me want! :)
    Nocciola is my favourite, also like mela verde (I think that’s the name – green apple anyway, which I have only found in a couple places.) There’s a new Italian restaurant in Halifax that makes hand made gelato, and it is actually remarkably similar to what I had in Italy (although of course everything tastes better in Italy, doesn’t it?!)


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