12 thoughts on “the next president of the United States of America!!!!

  1. Great shots to sum up the moment. Woooohoooo. I fear my election day post (thanks so much for visiting and for your comment) will stay up. Too little sleep to put up a celebratory post but good to see bloggers that have. I’m still crossing my fingers for NC. Obama leads in my state of NC by 12,000 but they have to count provisional ballots which may take a few days. I am thrilled that Obama won but the icing on the cake for me would be in my state goes BLUE too! At least Elizabeth Dole was defeated and her senate seat goes to my candidate. YES! My candidate for governor also won so in addition to the presidential race, I am excited about how my state voted (hopefully they will end up going to Obama since they went blue in the other races here I was holding my breath on). I guess it sounds that all I care about is for democrats to win. That’s really not it. I want the best people for the job and this time round I think most of them are democrats. I am a registered democrat but it’s not the politics it’s the policy and vision I care about. Sorry I’ve prattled on so. Cheers, Carver


  2. Beautiful photos, Girasoli! You all did it!!!!
    I really enjoyed being a part of the chat room last night, thanks for including me!


  3. Woo hoo! Love this post and these photos and still can’t believe it really happened!
    Glad to see Carver’s post about what is happening in NC. I can celebrate again if/when North Carolina finally turns blue!


  4. This election will be one I will remember and cherish forever! Happy days are here again!!!
    Carver and Annie, I am still pulling for a blue NC. That would be the icing on the cake!!


  5. A girlfriend of mine from British Columbia said she is “glad to have her faith in humanity restored – thanks America!” There is lots of celebrating going on in Canada too!


  6. What I find so damn exciting is the amazing level of passion and energy shown by so many people–especially the young, the cynical, the disenfranchised, the formerly passive. People waiting in line for hours to vote, many who had never voted before. Huge groups of strangers spontaneously breaking into “The Star Spangled Banner” on a street corner in Portland upon hearing election results. My cynical father, impressed by a politician for the first time since Kennedy.


  7. Anne, I feel the same way, especially after much of the hate and mudslinging in this campaign.
    Amy, it definitely was an exciting and inspiring election this year!
    Deborah, obviously can’t take credit for the photos :) I got them from Huffington. I loved the middle one also for the symbolism of taking our country back.


  8. I am so overjoyed about North Carolina! And a Nebraska vote too. Have they declared Missouri yet?
    Everytime I think about it, I start smiling!
    I had a long layover in the Washington DC airport last night and got a kick out of the gift shops – tons of Obama stuff and then over to the side, the McCain/Palin stuff was 50% off, LOL.


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