veteran’s day

In honor of all who have served in the United States Armed Services…

5 thoughts on “veteran’s day

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this.
    One day, it would be heavenly if there were no new veterans of any war anywhere, to march in the parades on this day. All war would vanish as if it were touched by a magician’s wand…all of our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers would stay home and be loved by their families, rather than disappearing from our lives at the whim of some country’s rogue government…


  2. Love the video and Brenda’s comments too. There was some nice stuff on TV last night, loved seeing Obama placing the wreath in Chicago.
    Are you suffering from election withdrawal? I am a little bit – I continue to check electoral votes to see what’s going to happen with Missouri! And I’m still watching MSNBC at night.


  3. Brenda, it definitely would be nice to have peace all over the world one day.
    Annie, I am also having election withdrawals. I don’t check the polls and various websites anymore in the middle of the night but do check the politic happenings daily. I love reading Mudflats (link on my sidebar) to read the latest Alaska news. I am thinking Missouri must have gone red. I have seen it colored in red on some maps the past few days.


  4. Yeah, I’m not checking in the middle of the night either (thank goodness for that, at least!). The Electoral Votes guy has an update on Missouri this morning and says that McCain has a 5000 vote lead and they are still counting provisional ballots but it’s unlikely that Obama will win that state.
    And Barack and Michelle will be interviewed on 60 Minutes this Sunday.
    Hope you get all your tech stuff fixed this weekend!


  5. Thanks for the update on Missouri Annie. Not having TV for 2 days drove me crazy. I missed watching all the news updates. And thanks so much for the 60 minutes heads up!


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