“ruin(ed)”~ PhotoHunt

After “hunting” through all of my photos of ruins from Italy, I decided on this photo of the Ponte Rotto (which means broken bridge).

The original name for this bridge was the Pons Aemilius. The Ponte Rotto or Pons Aemilius is the oldest Roman stone bridge.

Construction began in 179 BC and was completed in 142 BC. It stood until 1598 when floods “ruined” the bridge. I guess you could say that it is now the “bridge to nowhere”.

bridge ruin.jpg

10 thoughts on ““ruin(ed)”~ PhotoHunt

  1. LOL about “bridge to nowhere.” It’s a cool photo. Amazing that they could build something so massive that long ago.
    Hope you’re feeling better and having a nice weekend!


  2. Yuks :-) I’m always so fascinated to look at something that was built so long ago and yet still stands at least in some fashion for me to be seeing it. Very nice shot of it too. Thanks for stopping by Spatter…


  3. Thanks everyone for your comments. I was so taken with this bridge when I saw it. I loved the way it was as Jerry said being reclaimed by nature. I wish I took more photos of the bridge while I was in Rome, but I remember being pretty freaked out with the traffic in the area at the time.
    Sreisaats, thanks so much for checking out my blog all the way from Cambodia!! I loved your choice for the theme. Very haunting. I tried to leave you a comment but wasn’t able to with the options available.
    Next week…reflection.


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