I took these photos a couple of weeks ago in the parking lot outside the medical plaza building/hospital not too far from my house on a gloomy gray day (much like the weather is today).




15 thoughts on “bougainvillea

  1. OMG! It makes me squirm just reading it. Love the photos of those hot pink bushes though! I hope that you are done with doctors and needles for good now.
    LOL about the lollypop. I would have wanted a stiff drink after that. :)


  2. Yeah, make that a couple o’ stiff drinks!! Yikes, what a horrid procedure, although glad to hear your eye is finally starting to feel better. Goodness, you do come down with some oddball conditions, dontcha?! :)
    Those photos are incredible, the colours just jumps off the screen at me. So beautiful.


  3. Well, I know that people who willingly face a room of four year olds on a regular basis are brave, but really, you more than deserve a lollipop. Go treat yourself to something! Glad your medical issues are over!


  4. Poor you! You have been on a run of painful medical issues. And anything around the eyes makes me feel very, very squeamish.
    I hope this is the end of the 2 eye problems, that your frozen shoulder settles down and, hey — if bad things come in threes, maybe this is the end!
    Speaking of things that make me squeamish, I’ve been putting off a colonoscopy. I’m not sure which would be worse — needle in eyelid, or probes in unnatural places!
    Lovely photos, fantastic colours. Something beautiful to take our minds of medicine!


  5. I am happy to report that my eye is pretty much back to normal! It is so nice to finally have that ugly bump gone. I guess that was my reward. I might just have to bring up the lollipop idea with my eye doctor this Friday when I go back for hopefully my last follow up visit.
    Annie, the hot pink bushes are bougainvillea plants. The purple and pinkish color plants are my favorites. I just loved the contrast with the green and the grayish skies that day. The first time I ever noticed this plant (which is every where in Hawaii) was when I moved to Hawaii. I was surprised to also see bougainvillea plants in many parts of Italy.
    Anne, it does seem that way lately. I am thankful though that all of them have been pretty minor. I am just a wimp. The colors jumped out at me when I drove into the parking lot that day. I was so glad I had my camera with me.
    Amy, yes I certainly agree that one needs to be brave to face 4 year olds on a regular basis (I actually have a mixed class with both 3 & 4 year olds! AND occasionally a 2 1/2 year old…an insane idea the Dept. of Ed has).
    Oh Sandra, I have had a colonoscopy. NOT fun. The poking around part really is nothing. The doctor either knocks you out or gives you some sort of happy juice, which makes it a pretty easy experience. It is the preparation that is the difficult part. I know I am going to need one again soon and I am NOT looking forward to it at all. I would choose another frozen shoulder procedure over a colonoscopy any day. I’m not sure though if I would choose another needle in the eyelid over a colonoscopy.


  6. Ayiiiiayiiii!
    That’s nasty.
    So happy for you that it’s over, though. You are very brave to go through with this!
    I’d be running for the hills, screaming, “Noooooo!” every step of the way!!!
    Good for you though…that’s the best solution…go get it taken care of, right away.
    It reminds me of my visit to a doctor who was on vacation relief for our regular doctor. I had a very itchy and sore eye and it was miserable. The new doctor took a quick look, told me I had a bit of an infection and gave me a prescription for some eye cream. After a day of using it, my eye was 20 times as bad as before I started the cream!
    My regular doctor returned in the nick of time!
    When I went to see him, with my eye swollen like a ping pong ball had been inserted underneath the eyelid, he took one look at me, told me I was now allergic to the cream that the other guy gave me, and the initial reaction was actually because of a new mascara I’d tried the day before the irritation began.
    He said that a lot of eye infections and irritations can be traced back to a change of eye makeup, and that the red dye in a lot of eye shadows is hideously irritating to a lot of people. Lesson learned.
    Yuck! Eye stuff…always makes me gag thinking about having anything done to my eyes. No Lasik surgery for me! Just thinking about it makes me reeeeeeeally pukey!
    Happy to hear that it’s all over and you are feeling much better! :-)


  7. Oh you poor baby! That sounds just awful. I am such a wimp, I would have been out of there and running away as soon as he approached with the needle. Glad to hear you feel better, though!!


  8. Oh my! What an ordeal to have gone through. As one whose vision has been marginal all my life, I’m incredibly squeemish about anything happening in that area. Glad you made it through, and that all is well now. I think you should hold out for a grownup box of chocolates or a lovely bottle of wine from your doctor – the heck with the lollipop!
    Thanks, too, for the fantastic pictures of bouganvellia – I really love the vivid color it adds to the landscape.


  9. Brenda, wow, that sounds horrible. I am glad you were able to be seen by your regular doctor before it became even worse! My grandmother was legally blind (congenital cataracts). She always preached being careful with my eyes, knowing what it was like to not have good vision. I try to change my mascara every six months. I just wish they would sell a smaller size since I rarely wear make-up. It seems I have only used the mascara a few times before it is time to throw it out….but it is not worth the grief to keep it longer. I did not know about the red dyes.
    Chiocciola, if I didn’t really want that lump gone, I probably would have bolted also. Not sure what I will do if I ever get another one now that I know what is in store.
    Judy, your comment cracked me up! I see him again tomorrow. If I get brave enough, I may just tell him all of the comments I have received about lollipops, stiff drinks, and boxes of chocolate :) Sorry to hear that your vision is not 20/20. Glad you enjoyed the bouganvellia. I never tire of seeing these plants and bushes.


  10. Hi Joe, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I apologize for not publishing it sooner. It was hidden in my junk folder. I never even thought about my moving around with the needle so close to my eye! I am not sure though even if I did that I could have stopped my squirming. I really am not that brave, I was just tired of the aggravating lump. I think inpatient would describe me better :)


  11. i had two sty on my eye and it did not go away and i went to my reguarl doctor he gave me some pill to take and some eye drop and that still did not worked and i get it cut out it hurt and hurt


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