liquor & sweets

I have been working on a few blog posts but have not finished them yet. Meanwhile, I thought I would post these photos of a cute little shop in Nizza Monferrato (Piemonte).

I was not able to get the entire storefront in this photo due to the narrow street and the archway.


Liquor & sweets. That seemed to be all that is sold in this charming little shop.


The owner gave me a photo of this sign after she saw me taking a photo of it.


7 thoughts on “liquor & sweets

  1. WOW-these photos look like they are out of a storybook — I wanna go! Thanks for sharing…Love the poster – love the topic line better:) Hope you can enjoy the holiday and time off with family, friends, and blogging…M


  2. What a delightful shop! And really, what more do we need, other than liquor and sweets? In that order.
    I’d almost forgotten that it’s American Thanksgiving (Canada’s was last month)
    Have a wonderful holiday, enjoy your break from classes.


  3. Hi again, you might already know this, but just in case you don’t, Barack and Michelle are going to be interviewed by Barbara Walters tonight, 10 pm Eastern time on ABC. I just saw a clip of it on the nightly news and it looks really good!
    Happy Turkey Day!


  4. Annie, it was one of those stores you just had to check out. I am so glad you also have Friday off!! Thanks for the heads up on the interview tonight. Good thing I have you as my TV guide ☺
    Menehune, I usually have a hard time coming up with the title of a blog post, but this one just came to me after looking closely at the photos. The poster was very cool! I loved the way it was so old fashioned.
    Joe, it really did! You would have enjoyed chatting with the owners.
    Leslie, thanks ☺
    Sandra, your comment cracked me up! Especially the “in that order”. I always forget about Canada’s Thanksgiving. Happy Belated Thanksgiving!! Do you call it Turkey Day also?
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


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