in LOVE with Greek Gods

After eating yogurt in Italy, you could say I am a yogurt snob. I can no longer eat most US made yogurts. They are all much too sweet and don’t have the same consistency of European yogurt.

Recently though, I have discovered the most delicious yogurtGreek God’s Yogurt. If you have not tried this yogurt yet, I would recommend that you jump in your car and get to the nearest store to try some.

My two favorite flavors are:

Greek God’s Pomegranate Yogurt

and Greek God’s Reduced Fat Vanilla Cinnamon Orange Yogurt

I also like the Greek God’s Honey Flavored Yogurt

I am not a big fig fan, but if you love figs, they also make a fig flavored yogurt. I tried it once. It was much too sweet for me. Greek Gods also makes plain and non-fat yogurt as well.

This past Tuesday, I fell even more in love with Greek Gods. I found out that they also make ice cream!! I do a lot of food shopping at a little health food store near my school. Because it is small, I know many of the people that work there. When I walked in and asked the girl at the cash register if she had heard how the new Greek Gods ice cream tasted, she said that she was in love with their ice cream. She even told me that she would buy my pint from me if I didn’t like it. I should also mention that not only am I a yogurt snob, but I am also an ice cream snob after eating gelato in Italy. I hesitated at first, but then figured I might as well give it a try since they I love their yogurt so much. Also, how could I not after such an enthusiastic review.

The store sells two of the three flavors: Honey Pomegranate and Chocolata Fig. Since one of my favorite yogurt flavors is their pomegranate, I bought the Greek Gods Honey Pomegranate Pagoto Ice Krema. When I got home, the ice cream was partially melted. I took the lid off and took a taste. My initial reaction was not so positive.

Because it was a colder yogurt consistency after it melted while driving home in traffic, my taste buds expected the same yogurt tart taste. I was pretty disappointed. The following day when I arrived home from work, I gave the ice cream another try. OH MY GOD!!! This ice cream is incredible!!! AND better yet, if I am reading the nutrition facts correctly, it has less fat than the yogurt!

The three Greek Gods flavors “Ice Krema” flavors:

Greek Gods Honey Pomegranate Pagoto Ice Krema (WOW is this delicious!)

Greek Gods Baklava Pagoto Ice Krema (The description of this flavor sounds amazing)

Greek Gods Chocolata Fig Pagoto Ice Krema – again no a fan of fig

Now I just need to find someplace that sells the Greek Gods Baklava Pagoto Ice Krema!

7 thoughts on “in LOVE with Greek Gods

  1. When I first saw this post I thought it was your PhotoHunt breakfast post. ;)
    I’m also a yogurt snob. The only ones I eat are the Stonyfield French vanilla made with whole milk and any of the plain Greek yogurts to which I add a light drizzle of agave nectar. I find fruit yogurt too sweet for my taste but I’ll eat the yogurt with fresh fruit.
    I checked the link for the Greek God’s Yogurt and there’s a grocery store near me that sells it. After your enthusiastic post I think I’ll try the Honey Flavored and the baklava ice cream.


  2. Hi Girasoli, I just checked and there is a nice selection near to me so next time I go grocery shopping I’ll have to give this product a try because you make it sound very deliciious!
    Also, I wanted to tell you that when you thought you left a comment on my Flamenco video . . . you probably did . Maria said that she had the same posting issues that same night. Just wanted to let you know that it wasn’t you! :)
    Have a nice weekend and thanks for this great tip!


  3. Maria, the reason I like the pomegranate so much is that it is tart. The honey flavor is slightly sweet but for some reason I still like it. The fig flavor was much much too sweet. If you find some of that Baklava ice cream, I would love to hear your reaction.
    Kathy, I am glad there is a store near you where they sell Greek Gods. If you like good yougurt, I think you will like this. Glad to know I am not losing my mind.


  4. I found the yogurt and ice cream at a grocery store named Sprouts. I just ate a bowl of fruit with the honey yogurt and I really liked it. It had the right amount of honey and it went perfect with my banana and black grapes. I’ll try next the pomegranate yogurt but will give a pass at the fig one. I love figs but not with anything dairy.
    I also bought a pint of the baklava ice cream and just had a little taste of it. The flavor is amazing although I would not say it tastes like baklava, more like a tiramisu or a dulce con leche with nuts. It is very good but I’ll show some restraint and let my husband eat it.


  5. Glad you liked the honey yogurt. Thanks for the review on the baklava ice cream. I have been very bad with my pomegranate ice cream. I am afraid to buy anymore…no will power. It is almost as good as gelato.


  6. These products look fantastic! Italy has also made me something of a food snob, I can’t eat junk products the way I used to (you’d think that would result in me losing weight, but no!)
    I love good yogurt with interesting flavours, so I’ll have to look for these. And for the ice cream, honey pomegranate and chocolate fig sound amazing!


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