“breakfast”~ PhotoHunt

Breakfast in Italy can be simple:

(cappuccino and brioche in Camogli)

or elaborate:

(buffet breakfast at Hotel Eden in Sirmione, Lake Garda)

Breakfast in Italy can also be in beautiful settings:

(outside table at Hotel Eden in Sirmione, Lake Garda)

IMG_0986.JPG(garden table at Hotel Victoria in Torino)

BUT my favorite breakfast in Italy is breakfast with my friends Guido & Katia:

(sitting outside Katia’s parents’ house in Coccaglio enjoying her mom’s beautiful garden)

22 thoughts on ““breakfast”~ PhotoHunt

  1. Alice, the buffet was great! I also love the tilework at my friend’s mom’s house. I tried to get the garden in the photos also but couldn’t due to the angle.
    Leslie, thanks! I can’t wait to see your new smart car.
    June, both places were very beautiful and the food was good too!
    JyLnC, I loved the Hotel Victoria breakfast setting. The food was also great.
    Marta, thanks! Me too!!
    sandi, grazie!!
    menehune, I would love to be at any of those places right now.
    Napaboaniya APAD, it was difficult deciding with so many choices!
    Teena in Toronto, lucky you! I have not gone out for breakfast in a long time (except when in Italy).


  2. Hi Girasoli, these are great Photo Theme photos! I love your comparisons . . . . I’m a breakfast person more than lunch or dinner . . .. but while in Italy I’d be happy with a piece of toast if I had those views and nice friends to share it with . . .
    Have a great Sunday!


  3. Clara, just found your comment in my junk comment section. The brioche was very yummy. Can’t eat chocolate ones any more (migraines) so I go for the crema filled ones now (almost as good). Thanks for stopping by!! Loved your snow view and cup of cheerios :)
    Mar, grazie mille! Loved your cup of …. Beautiful photo!
    Carver, thanks. Some weeks the theme just comes together and other weeks it is a struggle.
    Kathy, good company is always a bonus!
    Snap2Days, thanks! How I would love to be at any one of those spots right now.
    Maria, yes it is! I was just thinking how I don’t dread getting up half as much when I am on vacation in Italy. The last one holds such wonderful memories.
    maryann, I love your blog also! Thanks so much for stopping by. And yes, me too!!!
    jams, thanks!


  4. I think breakfasts in Italy are one of my favourite things — and your photos are lovely. I’m drooling, not only over the food but over those fantastic outdoor settings — breakfast on the edge of Lake Garda would be so beautiful!


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