rain rain go away

The weather is crazy here!! It started pouring again this morning. The wind is howling.

Here is a photo of the damage on Kunia Road from Thursday’s rain.

kunia road damage.jpg
(photo was linked to the Honolulu Advertiser article/however no longer works)

CLICK HERE to see a slideshow of more amazing photos from the storm (including a couple of cool waterfall shots). Place your mouse near the top of each photo to see the description for each photo.

Yesterday the weather was calm most of the day. The skies began to turn black late in the afternoon just as I was heading to to an appointment.

When my appointment ended, it was raining, but not too bad. The scary part though was the thunder and lightning, which is pretty rare here in Hawaii. Ever since I was little, I have always freaked out during thunder and lightning storms. Driving in one is definitely not one of my favorite things to do. Other than that, the traffic gods were looking out for me because I made it to the shopping center near my house pretty quickly (which is a miracle even on a sunny day).

Just as I stopped at Long’s Drugs, the sky opened up and it started to pour buckets, so hard that it sounded like pellets hitting my windshield. I ran into the store, still managing to get soaking wet even though I parked right near the store. As I was looking for some little containers for cookies in the back of the store, the lights went out. It was pitch black! Everyone in the store gasped loudly. The lights came back on pretty quickly, but those few seconds seemed like minutes while it was pitch black in the store. This little boy near me was very freaked out.

The news last night showed that the road into and out of my town was closed due to flooding. It must have happened during the downpour that started when I reached the store near my house.

I read that the traffic was backed up for miles on the freeway before the exit. I am sooooo glad I made it home before the rain started again. The traffic gods were definitely looking out for me yesterday. The weather is still crazy this morning. Let’s hope the power gods will do the same!


7 thoughts on “rain rain go away

  1. Boy that looks scary. It seems like the storms don’t happen that often but when they do they seem so much worse. I don’t mind thunder and lightening if I’m in the house snuggled under the covers but I hate being out driving in them too.


  2. Marta, some years we only have one or two bad storms and then other years we have had quite a few. There have been many famous floods though which is sad, partly because a lot of the flooding could be prevented with proper drainage clearing. I am not sure if all of the damage could have been prevented this time though. We got so much rain so quickly.
    I really dread being on the road when it is pouring out. Lightening and thunder is even worse. I remember some wild floods up in Washington also. I guess it is just all part of mother nature.
    Leslie, it stopped for a little while, but has started up again. Thanks for the nice thoughts.


  3. Wow! Not a fun day in paradise…
    Your description is fantastic!
    I’ve been in Hawaii during a few good gut-busting thunderstorms and they are not fun. I remember parking my car in front of my cottage in the middle of one powerful storm and walking/running/slipping in water above my ankles as I scrambled to the front door. Scary, I tell ya!
    Mahalo for keeping us updated about the weather,


  4. Brenda, running from your car in bad weather can often be so dangerous. I think we forget about this so worried about getting wet. I have not yet seen any news of the storm here on the mainland US news. We are so often forgotten. The storm did a lot of damage on Kauai yesterday. They even say there might have been a tornado on Kauai.
    María, isn’t it crazy? I even saw a story about snow in New Orleans!! The rain has stopped for now. They say we will get more midweek. The lights went off for a second again late last night (just long enough to have to reset all of my clocks) but thankfully the power went back on. I would have really been upset since all of my cookie dough is made and ready to bake today.


  5. Very dramatic photos, this is some seriously extreme weather! I really hope that your power has remained on and that things have settled down by now.
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. Stay safe!


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