“wide”~ PhotoHunt ~ take 2

I can’t believe how much of a fog I have been in this week. Last weekend after posting my PhotoHunt post “favorite”, I checked on the next theme, looked through a few photos and found a photo right away to use! I put it on my desktop and forgot all about it.

I started to think about PhotoHunt again on Thursday night and could not come up with anything for the upcoming “wide” theme until my friend suggested the wide ocean.

Then just a few minutes ago while doing something on my computer, I noticed the wide photo I originally chose last weekend! It has been sitting there all week right in front of my eyes!!

So…here is my “wide”~ PhotoHunt ~ take 2 post:

a W I D E foot


13 thoughts on ““wide”~ PhotoHunt ~ take 2

  1. OH MY GOSH – my comment I wrote you just went to heck and back as I was so tired and worn out from the school year that just finished two days ago, that I forgot to put my name on the comment.
    Ultra tired and just want to sit and do nothing.


  2. Girasoli, just do as I do– put it down under the category of peri-mental-pause. I not only have fog outside, but in my head too :) Not to worry, this too shall pass…. baci


  3. Jams, I can just imagine how big the statue must have been. I am guessing someone has a description somewhere.
    Leslie, I certainly can relate. Perhaps what we have is some sort of teacher’s illness? There were many of us walking around like zombies this past week.
    Di, the fog has definitely invaded my brain! I love your term, peri-mental-pause with heavy on the pause. I sure hope it passes soon. thanks xo


  4. Hi Girasoli, take 2 photo hunt selection is pretty cool! That’s definitely one wide foot! And now I’ll go check out Take 1!

    Have a great Sunday Girasoli!


  5. I love that foot Girasoli, is that from the Capitoline Museum in Rome? It looks like it belongs to Constantine’s widely disseminated statue!


  6. Can you imagine trying to fit a shoe on this foot?
    Yes, I took it in the courtyard of the Capitoline Museum in Rome. I would have loved to see Constantine’s statue when it was whole. Thanks for reminding me of the name. I seem to have lost just about my entire memory bank lately.


  7. Very cool photo for a “wide” theme!! I can relate to the foggy feeling, have been in one myself all fall! :) But this time of year is so hectic, it’s even worse. HOpe you get to kick back and relax now that all that baking is done, and Christmas is almost upon us. I am supposed to be singing with choir on Christmas Eve but my voice is all wonky right now from a cold…praying for a miraculous recovery by Wednesday evening!


  8. Thanks! I still can’t believe that I forgot all about this photo!
    Annie, jet lag is always a good excuse. I think you can milk this one for a least a month.
    Anne. I hope you come out of your fog soon and I hope your voice recovers by Wednesday evening. That is so cool that you are singing in a choir.


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