“wide”~ PhotoHunt

I was really stumped this week and almost gave up. But then last night, when I mentioned this week’s theme to a friend, in less than a minute, she came up with this idea:

(I took this photo of the wide blue Pacific Ocean in August 2007 up on the North Shore of Oahu.)

20 thoughts on ““wide”~ PhotoHunt

  1. Hi Girasoli, I Love this wide open ocean theme photo choice! There’s just something about sitting on a white sandy beach and looking out into the wide open ocean that is so relaxing to me! I can look at it for hours especially when they are as beautiful as the ones in Hawaii.
    Have a great Sunday Girasoli!


  2. Kathy, I feel the same way. I can sit there for hours. I especially enjoy standing at the edge of the water (when I am at a beach that is not very crowded) watching the sea foam and the water come in and then go out again. I hope you had a great Sunday also!! Do you get any extra days off this week?


  3. Hi Girasoli, 3 weeks off! How fantastic. I have the holidays off and a couple of extra days tacked on to the weekends to do a couple of road trips, but that’s about it.
    Well, enjoy your time off. You deserve it after working on all that baking. Have a wonderful and safe holidays!


  4. Kathy, yes I am lucky. One of the perks of being a teacher. The schedule is changing next year – only 2 weeks off at Christmas with a longer summer instead. I like that better but will miss that extra week at Christmas. Road trips sound fun. To where? Enjoy the holidays :)
    Di, the North Shore is always so gorgeous. Merry Christmas to you to…xoxo


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