edible reindeers

It seems every year, at least one of the kids in my class cannot eat nuts. Instead of making the standard peanut butter on bread reindeer sandwiches, we have had to do a little thinking outside the box.

Here are a couple of cooking activities we have done instead…

Hummus reindeer…

…and pancake reindeer.


The hummus reindeer are more of a hands on activity, where as the pancake reindeer are more popular for eating (my kids are usually picky eaters).

I might give Palma’s reindeer cookies a try next year (with a non-peanut butter cookie recipe).

7 thoughts on “edible reindeers

  1. I”ve been waiting for these! Oh so CUTE! i tried to get a reindeer pancake mold, but Williams-Sonoma has been sold out. Maybe next year. Oh, wait…I’m SKIPPING Christmas next year!


  2. I made Palma’s reindeer cookies with my nephews today….they loved it! Ourcookies don’t look quite as good as hers (some look like Picasso made them!) but it was a fun pre-Christmas activity.


  3. Kathy, the kids did too! They are so easy to make also. As I get older and work gets harder, I love easy!!
    Palma, I am so sorry I didn’t post this sooner. I didn’t realize you were waiting for the pics. I make them by hand (no reindeer mold – didn’t know there was one). I will have to be on the look out as it would make them even easier. You can always make them for Christmas 2010!
    Sandra, they even ate them without syrup! They just picked them up and gobbled them up.
    Hi Helen, thanks so much for your comment :) I have received tons of compliments on the Keiffles. I hope you like them. Your email looks local. Do you live in Hawaii?
    Annie, what fun! Jane made them also and dropped a tray in the oven!! Good to know that the sugar cookie recipe works. We have this new “healthy school” thing going now at school so I will have to find a healthy sugar cookie recipe if there is one out there :)


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