“squeaky”~ PhotoHunt

Tough theme this week! I am stretching it a bit with these two ideas…

squeaky swings ~ photo taken at the beach in San Terenzo, Italy


squeaky trampoline action ~ photo taken at a park in Locarno, Switzerland:


11 thoughts on ““squeaky”~ PhotoHunt

  1. Another power outage? Oy. I’m sorry. These are perfect for squeaky! Great photos, both of them. I skipped PH this week (in recovery from the holiday thrash plus it’s my birthday so I am being as lazy as possible). Hope you are having a good holiday despite the lightning!


  2. Oh well done!
    I have mom staying so couldn’t give ti the time this week – and couldn’t focus on it. :)
    Besides, I was still working on my Christmas photos. :)


  3. WaS wondering how you were faring with the news of a blackout – glad to see you ae up and running – squeaky things were perfect!


  4. PS: I’m typing ‘hunt & peck’ method as I cut my finger Christmas Eve and can’t use it – all’s fine relatively speaking. Feel badly for you – hope you didn’t have to replace food, etc. this time!


  5. Sue, thanks ☺
    June, yep he was in the dark also…
    Alice Audrey, thanks.
    Annie, Happy Birthday!! Yeah, this time the entire island was in the dark. The lightening storm was pretty wild. Fortunately it was not close to my house. It did hit an airplane though. Scary!!
    Leslie. saw your mom in your photos. How fun for you!!
    menehune, I was fine once I knew what was happening. Bummer about your finger. I hope it is not too serious!
    marta, I was only out for 8 hours/4 of which I slept through, but many people still were out all day Saturday and a few are still out.
    sandi, Happy New Year to you too!!
    Maria, lucky for me, my fridge was not too full with perishables this time.


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