happy new year!!

Here in Hawaii, New Year’s Eve means fireworks. You don’t need to look at your clock to know when it is midnight. I took this video right outside my door at midnight last year on New Year’s Eve. All the aerial fireworks you see in this video are illegal. It’s what the sky looks like all over the island at midnight every year on New Year’s Eve!

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!! Happy New Year!! Buon Anno!! Tanti Auguri Everyone!!

11 thoughts on “happy new year!!

  1. G: Wow! Just like the Esplanade on the 4th of July – and these are homemade – bet the Hawaii fire department was busy.
    Happy New Year! M


  2. Happy New Year, Girasoli! Love the fireworks (which always look better from a distance!)
    I hope you have a wonderful 2009 with lots of travel.


  3. The fireworks were even better this year. There was talk that there would not be as many fireworks due to the economy, but instead I think everyone skipped the legal fireworks and went straight for the illegal aerials. It really was amazing! I could only take about 20 minutes outside though. The smoke was very thick! From what I have seen on the news, only a few minor fires (I did hear the fire trucks roar by about 30 minutes or so after midnight last night). I took video at midnight and it is much better than the video I posted from last year. Not to bore everyone since on video, fireworks seem to all look the same, I will save the video for my next year’s New Year’s Eve post.
    I hope everyone else had a great New Year’s Eve!!


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