23 thoughts on ““aftermath”~ PhotoHunt

  1. That kind of looks like an ice cream cone got dumped into a glass of iced tea. I hope it tasted better than that looks. :0) Good interpretation of the theme though. My contribution is a Caribbean scene showing what Mother Nature is capable of.


  2. Hi Girasoli, great aftermath theme photo! Cool Close-up . . . . I bet it was delicious!
    Hope you had a nice beach day! Have a great weekend!


  3. Fun post. So what flavor ice cream did you get? I had a great shaved ice on Kauai – it was a Bali sunset – three flavors similar to yours on macadamia nut ice cream. I loved it. Thanks for bringing back a great memory and great post for the theme.


  4. Leslie, glad you enjoyed them :)
    Hootin’ Anni, it definitely so so good!!
    Lynn, yep, the color disappears after you suck up all the juice and then the ice cream takes over.
    Annie, you will have to get here someday so we can enjoy some together :)
    Tarheel Rambler, even though it might not look that appetizing when you get down to the end, it still is delicious! I would have eaten it all but it starts out huge and I was full. My previous post showed more appetizing shave ice photos.
    annant, interestingly it was even yummier at this point because you start hitting the ice cream. I was just too full to finish it. Sometimes I dump out half of the top part so I can finish the bottom part.
    Kathy (Trekcapri), I had a great day! It was very delicious and a perfect ending to a perfect day (except for the problem once again trying to get gas earlier in the day).
    María, it is a combo of ice cream and some of the shave ice and juice. The ice cream turns into frozen chunks. It’s an interesting combo.
    Kim, definitely! I was thinking of you yesterday when I was eating my shave ice.
    marta, vanilla is the only choice. I will have to try out Bali Sunset next time I am on Kauai. Mac nut ice cream sounds yummy!
    sandi @ the whistlestop café, yes indeed very yummy. I sacrificed myself for the sake of my blog getting a shave ice yesterday :)
    Cindy Ruth, I like to get watermelon as it tones down the other sweeter flavors. It is a great flavor also!
    Carver, thanks! Glad you enjoyed my other post also.


  5. Great shot. Thanks for visiting us at Snap2Days. I’m doing the responding this weekend for Snap2 and I may have spoken too soon about what Sabine’s shot was. I saw similar looking displays in people’s yards in my neighborhood (deflated Christmas stuff) but after I read your guess about a party I realized I could be wrong. Sabine is at horse shows this weekend but I’ll try to remember to ask her and see if I was wrong. Cheers, Carver


  6. Never heard of shave ice before. The aftermath doesn’t look tasty but your previous post makes it look delicious. But not now over here, it even makes me shiffer as we have very cold weather over here in Holland.


  7. Snap2Days, interesting how we can see different things in the same photo. It will be interesting to find out the answer.
    Napaboaniya APAD, it was still chunky and cold, so for me difficult to drink right down but if I had the room, I would have definitely finished it. The bottom part is the best part.
    Eden, thanks! Liliko’i is one of my favorite flavors! I think you will like Aoki’s. Funny how most people only go to Matusumoto’s and really Matsumoto’s is also very good, but in my opinion, not superior to Aoki’s.
    Carin, I agree that if I only posted the aftermath, it would probably look pretty disgusting to most. I guess in Holland right now, hot drinks and treats are probably more popular.
    jams O’Donnell, thanks jams! It was very tasty :)
    Sue, oh yes it definitely was :)
    Thanks again everyone for your comments!! Next week – hat(s).


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