shave ice ~ take two

After many days of cleaning, organizing, and tackling piles, I treated my self to a beautiful day up on the North Shore at one of my favorite beaches and then a stop at..


My previous post on shave ice included a video of how shave ice is made. By the way, the proper name is “shave” ice, not “shaved” ice as many of the reporters called it when reporting Obama’s recent shave ice excursion.

Haleiwa has two great shave ice shops. Matsumoto’s is the more famous of the two. I personally prefer Aoki’s. They have more flavors and the lines are usually shorter. Matsumoto’s as usual had a big line out the door. I was very surprised to find no line when I arrived at Aoki’s. I was so lucky. Right after I got my shave ice, the crowd arrived. Because there was no one else in the shop while I was ordering, I was able to take a few photos…

The shave ice machine (behind glass so not a great photo).

shave ice machine.JPG

The sign with all the flavors. I missed getting a better shot of my shave ice being made because I was so distracted trying to decide which flavors to choose.

shave ice sign.JPG

Watermelon syrup being poured on top of my shave ice.

shave ice syrup.JPG

My shave ice ready to eat. Yum!! I went with mango, liliko’i, and watermelon and ice cream at the bottom (I decided to go without the beans this time).

shave ice yum.JPG

I wanted to take a photo holding my full size shave ice but it kept melting and dripping all over the place. I got it on my shorts and drops fell on my toes. This was the first chance I had to take a photo after finally getting the melting and dripping under control.

half gone shave ice.JPG

They really need to make a mini size shave ice. I can never finish mine. See my next post “aftermath” for the ending of my shave ice.

15 thoughts on “shave ice ~ take two

  1. This totally reminds me of Italian water ice in Philadelphia. The name Shave Ice at least makes sense — water ice? It’s like, well, yeah, we hope water is involved at some point. And I don’t think that there is either a Guava or Liliko’i water ice !!! HA!!


  2. diana, mine turned to water pretty quickly today :) It was such a mess but oh so good! I remember hearing the name Italian Ice many years ago but have never had one. I always thought it was more of a sorbet and I always went for ice cream over sorbet when I was growing up.
    JyLnC, shave ice is similar to snow cones or slushies, but not the same. They are sooo much better. My other post on shave ice describes the difference. You will just have to get to Hawaii one day to try one :)


  3. Hi Girasoli, yum . . . I’m so jealous! What an awesome list of different flavors. I probably would’ve gone for the coconut but your flavors sounds “ono” too! :)


  4. I’ve never had shave ice in the US but in Puerto Rico we have something similar called “piragua”. It is sold out a colorful street car and the ice is shaved manually out of a big block of ice. My favorite flavors are guava, raspberry, and coconut.


  5. Kathy, I never even thought about coconut! Not sure if it would be too sweet though. I get the watermelon to balance the sweetness of the mango and passion fruit.
    María, piragua sounds just like shave ice. Ours is shaved from a block of ice also. I love guava! I almost tried raspberry yesterday, I guess I will have to try coconut with two recommendations :)


  6. Loved this post. Wish I had one now. I’ve been a follower of your blog for the past year. Thanks for your comments on slowtrav. Sorry I cannot view your comments on my blog. I’ll try to see what I can do about it. Ciao!


  7. menehune, knew you would love this :)
    sandra, it is a very refreshing treat! I had to look up the word “cloying”. The ice cream added does make it a little more filling, but it is not rich and heavy.
    Barb, thanks so much! I am sorry to that I cannot comment on your blog. It is so strange. I don’t know why I can’t see the word verification code. I will try to post a comment at work on my PC tomorrow (if work doesn’t block your blog as a “social” website) to see if it is a Mac thing.


  8. Chiocciola, glad you enjoyed it :) It sure is delicious. I am surprised it has not caught on yet on the mainland. It really is an easy thing to make if you have the right type of machine.


  9. Those look so tasty and refreshing, but…it’s so cold and snowy here right now that what really caught my eye was the part about it melting and dripping all over the place. Mmm, heat, mmm! lol


  10. Palma, liliko’i is soooo ono! 9:25 is not too early for a shave ice :)
    Anne, I probably would not want one either when it was cold outside. I wonder if that is why they haven’t caught on in the mainland since they would be a seasonal food.


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