the papaya section…

This photo is for Amy. A while back I wrote about seeing Hurley from Lost at the Kailua Down to Earth papaya section. Here is that papaya section…


The types of papayas available the day I was there were certified organic papayas, strawberry papayas, kahuku papayas, and solo papayas. There are also apple bananas and regular bananas at the top.

18 thoughts on “the papaya section…

  1. michelle, thanks!
    Maria, the flesh is a deeper orange with a tint of pinkish red and the flavor is more intense. They are my favorite type of papayas.
    Annie, apple bananas are so much better than regular bananas. I don’t really know how to describe the flavor. They are smaller (shorter in length) than regular bananas. I rarely eat regular bananas anymore now that I can get apple bananas, one fruit which is always easy to find here.


  2. I’d love to taste the strawberry papaya. There’s an Asian market relatively close and I’ll check if they have them.
    How big are the apple bananas? In Puerto Rico we have bananas of different sizes and the smallest one (about 4-6 inches) are called “guineos niños” (children bananas). They are very sweet and tastes a bit like an apple. A favorite on the island is to fry them in butter and sprinkle them with parmesan cheese. It’s a wonderful dessert!


  3. OK, that’s just not fair!
    You have all of those papaya and I have…none of them!
    That’s one of my favorite things that I gorge myself on when I’m there. I stop at one of the grocery stores, Safeway, Foodland, Sun Market, and buy a bagful.
    Papaya for breakfast and for any snack that I want during the day.
    Nice image, thanks for sharing!


  4. Hi Girasoli, great photo! I didn’t realize there were different kinds of papayas. I was noticing how large the Kahuku papayas are. I don’t eat them as much lately, but when I do, I enjoy them a lot.
    Thanks for the post!


  5. Maria, if not, I actually found some on Amazon today! I was googling strawberry papaya to remind myself of the exact color and found them there. Don’t remember the price though.
    The apple bananas are little. Your “guineos niños” are probably the same thing, although I have seen some a little longer in length. That recipe sounds delicious!
    B&B Texas, good question. I have no idea. I guess we are just lucky.
    Brenda, we are very lucky to have papayas available just about everywhere. When I first moved here, I didn’t really like papayas. I think it was because I first ate a very bland papaya covered in lemon juice. I really lost out then because a friend at work’s mom used to have papaya trees in her yard and she would always have tons of papayas. After trying the strawberry papayas and the sunrise papayas, I started loving papayas.
    Kathy, I am not sure if the Kahuku papayas are really that much larger. It might just be the angle of the photo. I will have to check the size out the next time I see them being sold. One of the reasons I like to eat them is that they are so good for you. They even serve cut up chunks of papaya for school breakfast.


  6. How fantastic to have such a fabulous selection of fresh fruit!!! Between that and the heat, I am totally wishing I was in Hawaii right now! Sara and I used to watch Lost faithfully, but then it got dragging on so we tuned out a year or so ago. But I must tell her you saw Hurley at the fruit stand, how cool is that?!


  7. I checked the latino section of my grocery store yesterday…no apple bananas. But I think Whole Foods sometimes have those little children bananas, so I’m going to try one next time I see them.


  8. I searched on Google images and found the strawberry papaya. Now I know that I’ve eaten them in Puerto Rico, I just didn’t know they were called that. I also looked for a picture of apple bananas and they are the same as guineos niños. Do you also have in Hawaii a banana that’s fat and a bit shorter than the regular banana? And plantains? I love plantains!


  9. I’m so envious, Girasoli — so much beautiful produce to choose from!
    I’m not familiar with apple bananas — sounds interesting!


  10. Anne, papayas and bananas we have and often pineapples, but other fruits are not always as fresh and the selection is often limited since they travel here by barge. Lost got really good last year. I can’t wait til it starts again next week. I love that show. Seeing Hurley was cool and seeing Sayid was very cool…great eye candy!
    Annie, since you are closer to Puerto Rico, they are probably called little children bananas (only would know that now that Maria explained the name). If you get some, let me know what you think.
    Maria, I have seen plantains and tried one once. Did not like them. I am not sure if it was ripe though. What are the strawberry papayas called? We also have sunrise papayas that are similar to stawberry papayas.
    sandrac, tropical yes, but what I would give for a good Macintosh apple or a good peach. That is why I love eating the fruit in Italy, I find many types of fruit much fresher in Italy than in Hawaii.
    Amy, you make me laugh. I have to say, never would I have imagined this many comments for my one papaya photo. You are very welcome :)
    menehune, glad to send some reminders of home for Ty :)


  11. How did I miss reading about you seeing Sayid??? I love that guy…he was in The English Patient too and just as gorgeous. Oh I am totally green with envy that you saw him in person!


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