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  1. Hi Girasoli, Wow, great photos. It was such an awesome ceremony. I’m so glad I was home to watch it live. Thanks for the twitter message.
    I love the shaka photo! Whoo hoo!


  2. I “borrowed them” from the Honolulu Advertiser and The Huffington Post, figuring he is “our President” and so they are sort of “our pictures”. This was a day I will never forget. I loved seeing Punahou first up in the parade. That was so cool when he flashed them the shaka! A nice local touch!


  3. You’re right…they are “our” pictures. What a happy day! I loved seeing them dance to “At Last” and the way that Beyonce got all choked up watching them. And I LOVED Aretha’s hat! Just classic.
    I just got up and heard on Good Morning America that the lights are on in the White House, he’s already at work! What a relief (it’s been a long time since there have been any brains in the Oval Office)!!!


  4. What a momentous day! Just makes one want to get up and shout Hallelujah! Aretha’s hat stunned me for a moment but it works on her. I actually love the fact that she wore it. The whole event was so huge and memorable. Looking out to that sea of people gave me shivers. What a proud day for our country! Love your photos. Thank you for posting and sharing with “we” the people! Yay!


  5. Girasoli, you know what I hope comes out of this (one of the main things at least)?
    That people see the SMART IS COOL!
    The Obamas are as smart as they come, and they are awesomely cool to, with style (REAL style), sophistication and grace.
    I hope that we can soon declare the “dumbing down of America” by Palin et al as dead forever.
    It is so much cooler to be smart.


  6. Sorry to write again but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to write here an email just forwarded to me. I thought you might find it funny-
    ‘Not everyone understood what Obama was doing, though. New York Times reporter Katharine Seelye wrote in an online blog that Obama was making the thumb/pinkie gesture that means “Call me!” She later corrected it to say the hand sign actually was a Skull and Bones signal telling members of his Harvard secret society to meet up later to plan the eventual takeover of the entire world. Then she corrected herself again to say Obama actually was “signing” to a deaf tuba player in the band. Then she wrote Obama just had a hand cramp from waving too much, or possibly a vitamin deficiency. When it was finally pointed out to her that the shaka sign is a sort of cultural and symbolic show of the aloha spirit, Seelye said, “Oh, whatever. It’s not like Hawaii is a real state or anything.”
    I’m just kidding, Ms. Seelye. But here’s a real scoop for you: Obama isn’t really moving his mother-in-law into the White House. A friend of mine said Obama is going to put Granny in an ohana zoning unit BEHIND the White House. It’s another Hawaii tradition.’


  7. girasoli – thanks for posting these awesome photos for those of us without access to those papers! That the last photo of Obama is especially incredible, he looks absolutely filled with joy (is that hand sign the “shaka”?)
    I just wrote on Annie’s blog that I’ve had my American blog friends in my heart all this week, and am full of hope on your behalf (and indeed, it’s a hope filled time for the world!)


  8. Napaboaniya APAD, it certainly will be. I saw a clip on TV comparing this to the historic first walk on the moon.
    Annie, it was such a happy day!! I have had that song stuck in my head all week!!
    Barb Cabot, what a wonderful way to describe the day! I feel the same way about the hat. It just had to grow on me.
    sandrac, it was such a wonderful day!
    Great photos, and a wonderful day!
    diana, I still can’t figure out how the American people let smart be “uncool”. I really believe that the page has turned and politics have changed. We have learned that our votes do count (finally!).
    menehune, there was an article in the Star Bulletin about the mistaken meaning of the shaka sign. Pretty funny! I guess it is understandable though. I’m hoping that some of the local culture will become a part of Washington DC.
    Anne, yes that is the shaka sign. I am thinking of doing a post on the shaka sign (maybe to fill one of the days in February). One of the things I love about this new Presidency is that the whole world (or most of it) is thrilled to see our new Presidential choice.
    María, me too! Yesterday I walked by a Kindergarten class while they were singing My Country ‘Tis of Thee. My heart was filled with joy hearing that song, knowing the hope and possibilities our country now has with Bush gone and President Obama as our new president.
    jgk, I have been crying for days!! I haven’t posted or commented much since Tuesday because I have been emotionally drained from this past week. Thank goodness for 24 and Lost to distract me momentarily from the emotions of the week.
    Chiocciola, I was surprised to see that I was the only person from my school taking the day off. It was definitely a very worthwhile personal day. I don’t think I could have paid attention at work.


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