photos from Kewalo Basin

I decided to skip Super Bowl this year and head into town, figuring that just about everyone else on the island would be watching the Super Bowl. I am not a huge football fan. The Super Bowl to me means baseball season is almost here! I did record the pre game ceremonies to see Faith & Jennifer sing and also the fantastic half-time show, but missed most of the commercials and only caught a little bit of the game.

It ended up being the perfect day to be out and about. Gorgeous weather, no traffic, and ample parking, something unheard of on a Sunday. Before doing some errands, I stopped at the Kewalo Basin, a commercial boat harbor, to take some photos for a possible future PhotoHunt post. Below are a some of the photos I took on Sunday.

View of the boat harbor:
1 IMG_3489.JPG

View of Diamond Head from the little park near the ocean:
2 IMG_3459.JPG

View of the west end of Ala Moana Beach Park and Diamond Head:
3 IMG_3480.JPG

I am guessing this is part of a shipwreck?? I didn’t notice the bird until I got home
and transferred my photos to my computer. Can you spot it?

4 IMG_3466.JPG

Fish nibbling on the limu (seaweed) and barnacles on the bottom of the boat:
5 IMG_3460.JPG

A cropped version of the same photo. I think the spotted fish is a puffer fish.
6 IMG_3460 copy.jpg

An angel fish swimming in the murky water:
8 IMG_3491.JPG

17 thoughts on “photos from Kewalo Basin

  1. Beautiful photos — I never would have picked out the tiny bird if you hadn’t mentioned it!
    And I love all the little fish — especially the angel fish. I really have to visit Hawaii some day.


  2. Looks like you had some nice weather. What a nice idea on superbowl sunday. I’d do that same thing too. Good choice.


  3. Hi Girasoli, cool photos! I don’t think I would have noticed the bird too had you not mentioned it. The color blended so much with the shipwreck object it was standing on! Awesome photos of Diamond head and the color fishes.
    Looks like you had a really fun day while all the superbowl fans were off the roads! Have a great evening Girasoli. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.


  4. Stunning photos!!! I love the one of the fish nibbling on the seaweed, the composition and colours are gorgeous. And I too had a struggle to find the bird, but finally found it, does it ever blend into the background. That bit of shipwreck reminds me of the Colosseum!


  5. Thanks everyone. It was definitely a picture perfect day on Sunday. That bird really does blend in.
    Annie, this was the first time I have seen shipwreck debris (if that is what that is) so close to shore. There are shipwrecks though further out. They are popular places to go scuba diving.


  6. Super photos, G. Thanks, I think, while I sit in WORK and it’s FREEZING outside — this was a delightful break from the grind….Mahalo, M


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