truck day

Not only is February 6th National Wear Red Day, It is also ‘Truck Day’, a very important day for the Red Sox. Truck Day means that baseball season is almost here!! This is the day when the Red Sox moving van loads up all of the equipment at Fenway Park and then takes the 1,467-mile trek to the team’s spring training complex in Fort Myers, Florida.

In honor of Wear RED day, here are my two RED photos…  (Truck Day photos from 2008 ~ both are linked to the source/the Boston Globe):

Brothers Sam, 6, and Charlie, 2, McKeown watching the action.
Wally and other Red Sox employees posing for a photo-op on Yawkey Way.

Video of Truck Day 2007

Now get your calendars out everyone so you can mark down some more very important dates coming up:

February 12th ~ reporting day for Red Sox pitchers and catchers
February 14th ~ well yes, I know it is Valentine’s Day BUT it is also the first workout day for Red Sox pitchers and catchers.
February 16th ~ Red Sox position players arrive.
February 18th ~ the first full team workout.
February 25th ~ first Spring Training game for the Red Sox

AND the most important day…are your pencils ready?

April 6th, 2009 ~ OPENING DAY for the RED SOX!!

GO SOX!!!!

Wear RED, post RED, eat RED, drink RED.

12 thoughts on “truck day

  1. girasoli, you are going to have to remind me of all these dates. I did not even know a “truck day” existed. LOL. I know very little about baseball, I know it’s Bill’s favorite sport. He likes the Red Sox too, but he is a Braves fan(sorry).


  2. Wally! How nice to see the green guy again!
    April 6 is also the date of the final game of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Hoping my Heels might be playing that night.


  3. I love all that red! and I’m wearing red myself, in honour of the occasion. But I forgot to post on my blog in red. Now, my face is red!
    Oh well, go Red Sox!


  4. I just commented on Maria’s blog that I misread your last entry and thought wear red day was yesterday. So blithely posted away as usual today, without giving a thought to red. But just realized am wearing a red top. I had lots of red in my supper too, come to think of it – had a sub with tomatoes, tomato sauce, red peppers, red meat! Whew, didn’t completely mess up and miss this important show of support!


  5. Hi Girasoli, wow I didn’t know there was a Wear Red Truck Day. Very cool video and great to see the enthusiasm!. And as Maria said . . . Go Red Sox and Go Tar Heels! Whoo hoo!
    Have a great weekend!


  6. candi, I know many Braves fans. They are in the other league…so no problem for a Red Sox fan :) Does Bill know that the Red Sox just recently signed John Smoltz?
    Annie, I thought of you when I found the Wally photo :) I will be rooting for your Tar Heels to win this year. Interesting that the final is on the same day. I always thought basketball was over when baseball started.
    sandra, wearing red is the most important.
    Anne, yay! glad you are wearing red!
    Maria, I was overwhelmed with emotion seeing all the red yesterday. I wrote a comment on it in response to yesterday’s post.
    menehune, must have been fun to see the truck day scene on the news.
    Brenda, they are super cute!
    Kathy, you make me laugh! I stretched my truck day post to include red with the Red Sox. Everyone is wearing red because that is the color for the Red Sox. Have a great weekend also :)


  7. girasoli, re your question:Does Bill know that the Red Sox just recently signed John Smoltz?
    Bill says: yeah, that’s great from one of my favorite teams to the other.


  8. The NCAA tourney seems to be later this year than usual. The final is usually around April 1 but this year it’s the 6th.
    thanks for pulling for the Heels! They are very good this year but unfortunately there have been some injuries so they don’t have the depth they had at the beginning of the season.


  9. candi, I am looking forward to seeing him play for our team. Haven’t followed the Braves moves. My dad also likes the Braves, but of course the Red Sox are his number one team.
    Annie, I wonder why? Sorry to hear that your team has had some injuries. That always makes it tough. Hopefully they will all heal before the end of the season.


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