the letter G

Jill at Fizzy Thoughts recently posted about the ten T’s she loves. I took a leap and decided to participate blindly in this letter meme hoping I would not get the letter Q, X, or Z. To participate, all you have to do is ask for your letter, and voila…you will have an instant topic to post about. Jill assigned me the letter G. At first I though G would be pretty difficult but surprisingly I was able to come up with a list of 18 G things that I love. Here are ten of them…

1. Google – How did I ever survive before the world of Google? Now whenever I need to find anything out, I just grab my computer and google it. Can you imagine the look on people’s faces years ago if you said, “Wait, let me google it?” Now what else can you think of has an I’m Feeling Lucky button!
google pic.png


2. Greek yogurt – two of my favorite flavors are: Greek God’s Reduced Fat Vanilla Cinnamon Orange Yogurt and Greek God’s Pomegranate Yogurt.

3. Gymnastics – I love to watch women’s gymnastics, almost as much as watching baseball. The uneven bars is my favorite event.



4. Girasoli – Sunflowers!!   During my first couple of visits to Italy, I fell in love with the fields of sunflowers. When signing up for an email account many years ago, I decided on coming up with an Italian name as my user name. After thinking about some of the things that I loved about Italy, I decided on using the Italian word for sunflower ~ girasole as my user name. Unfortunately girasole was taken.   Now I know that I am a singular person and “girasoli” means sunflowers (a plural word), but since girasole was taken and it became too confusing for my fingers to remember when to sign in as girasole and when to sign in as girasoli, I decided on using girasoli as my user name. I have used girasoli for so long now that it almost like my second name. That’s how I became to be known as ~ girasoli.

5. Gas stove – After having a gas stove, I hope to never have to use an electric stove again. What a cool gadget to be invented. I don’t understand why all houses are not equipped with gas stoves. I googled the history of gas stoves to find out if perhaps the gas stove was invented after the electric stove, thinking that could be the reason why more houses seem to have electric stoves, but found out that the gas stove was invented in 1826 and the electric stove was invented in 1891. Now if we did not have google, would I have been able to find out this important fact so quickly and easily.

6. Gelato – Specifically Italian Gelato.
yum gelato copy.jpg

7. Gaucamole – The first time I tried an avocado was after moving to Colorado for graduate school. Mexican food was not big in Massachusetts when I was growing up. Once I tried gaucamole, I was hooked! Deelish!!

8. Genealogy – I started researching my genealogy over ten years ago. I have gotten pretty far with a couple of lines, even visiting the village my great grandfather came from in Italy but still have a ways to go with a few other lines. I received a surprise email on Saturday from a woman answering a question I left on a genealogy forum back in 1999. Her great grandmother was my great great grandfather’s sister. Now how cool is that?

9. Going to Italy – it’s a stretch using the letter G, but I had to find a way to include traveling to Italy in this list :)

10. Gilmore Girls – I got hooked on this show a few years ago. I was pretty sad when the show finally went off of the air. One of my all time favorite episodes was Season Five’s “Jews and Chinese Food”.

If you would like to participate, leave a comment and I’ll assign you a letter. After getting your letter, write about 10 things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and when people comment on your post, you assign them a letter, and so it goes and goes and goes…

29 thoughts on “the letter G

  1. Cool. I love Google too, and glelato and going to Italy. I think I love all your Gs, well maybe not Gilmore Girls since I’ve never watched, but I suppose I could love if I see it.
    I’d like a letter too, but maybe later(once we are settled again) so I have time to think. LOL.


  2. Wow — so many Great things start with the letter G! That’s very cool that 10 years after posting your geneology question, you just received a response. And from a distant relative ,no less.
    I hope I can finally see some sunflowers on this spring’s trip to Italy (well, I suppose June isn’t really spring. But I hope it’s sunflower season!)
    I’m anxious to play along, too — send me a letter, please.


  3. Great post – you did a good job with a letter that I woudln’t have thought would be that easy. Agree completely about Google! What did we do without it?!?
    And that is very cool about the new genealogy info you just got.


  4. OK, this sounds like fun, but I bet it takes me awhile to do it. I watched the Gilmore Girls with my daugher when she was in high school, then I found myself watching when she left for college . . which is also how I still have People magazine in my mailbox.


  5. menehune, Kim, Barb, sandra, & Marcia, your letters have been delivered :)
    candi, I am saving one for you…just let me know when you are ready. The Gilmore Girls is a great show. It is on Mon-Fri twice a day I think on the Family Channel. I got hooked one weekend during a marathon showing.
    sandra, I haven’t seen sunflowers on my last few trips either. It seems that I am always in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Annie & sandra, I got another email yesterday with even more info. The internet really has made it a much smaller world the way we can all connect so easily.
    Marcia, Kirk always cracked me up on that show. It was such a great show. I still watch re-runs now and then.
    softdrink, the letter was challenging at first but once I thought of google, I could google G words to come up with my list :) Thanks for the letter.
    María, thanks! It was fun to do.


  6. Hi Girasoli, I enjoyed reading all your “G’s”! I think that is so cool that you got that e-mail. Maybe one day you can connect with them…Is the connection on your paternal or maternal side? How very interesting. I had only one surviving Grandmother (my mom’s side) that we knew, so I don’t know if I could ever find anyone. I do know that my great grandfather was a Spaniard from Spain though. Hmmm, maybe that’s why I instantly loved Spain! :)
    Sounds like fun, I’ll play too!


  7. Very cool! Yes, what would we do without Google?? I still remember my first search experience online, probably in 1996. We had the search engine Altavista at my school then, and since I had lived in Panama I wanted to search for that. I did, but never understood that there was more than one page, so for a long time I thought there were only ten items about Panama on the internet! I still laugh at that one!
    Mmm I also like gelato and guacamole…


  8. Hi girasoli…
    You know, I usually don’t enjoy these things, but your answers made this one sound like so much fun! I’ll take a letter too please…
    I’d like to pick your brain also about some ideas for my trip.. especially in Bologna. Did you take any tours or arranged trips while there? Anything you consider a must-do? (In addition to Osteria 15 which I can’t wait to try). I’d love to hear what you liked there.


  9. Kathy, Dana, Jerry, & scg, your letters have been delivered :)
    Kathy, the connection was a link to my great-grandfather, my father’s mother’s father if you are following that. This woman’s grandmother is my great-grandfather’s sister. We are still filling each other in on all the info we have. I didn’t know that you have Spanish blood in you! Cool! Do you know where in Spain? Watch out, genealogy can be quite addictive once you get started.
    Chiocciola, that is really funny!! I remember thinking the same thing (but not about Panama of course). I never got the greatness of search engines until I realized how it worked. Google really did revolutionize the search engines or at least make it much easier. I remember at school having the librarian teaching the kids from a search engine book on how to do a search. Now you type in a word spelled wrong and google asks you if you meant…. with the correctly spelled word. I often use google just to see if I have spelled a word correctly :)
    Dana, I am going to do a post or two for you on my favorite things in Bologna – this weekend when I have more time. Chiocciola is another person to check with for great Bologna info.


  10. Hi Girasoli, thanks for clarifying! :) Actually I did follow you all right. I think it’s going to be very cool to see where that connection leads. More family information, more family ties . . . all very cool!
    Well, being that he was my Great Grandfather, I have just a little drop of that wonderful Spanish Blood in me. :) Though, I always thought that my grandmother (my mom’s mom) had the most beautiful Spanish Eyes.
    I don’t think I’d better get started on the genealoly thing then if it is that addictive. :)
    BTW, thanks for my letter.


  11. Kathy, working on your genealogy is really interesting though and you never know who you might be related to. I found out that I am very distantly related to Grover Cleveland!
    Anne, I delivered your letter last night :)
    Amy, I will deliver your letter when I get home tonight and check on the letters left. There still are a few more left besides the letter X :)


  12. Update on the letters…
    Amy & Kaydee, I am off to deliver you letters right now. You are lucky! I waited on the letters you are getting because they are easy ones (at least I think they are easy), but now that the rest are the toughest in the bunch I am giving the easy ones out :)
    Here’s what I have given out so far…
    Marcia -M
    sandra – H
    Barb – B
    Kim – R
    Menehune – P
    Kathy (Trekcapri) – K
    Dana – D
    Jerry – J
    scg (sheri) – F
    Anne – C
    Amy – L
    Kaydee – N
    I am saving the letter S for candi when she is settled in after her move to Maui.
    Jill had the letter T and I had the letter G…that leaves A E I O U Q V W X Y Z left. If anyone else is up for a letter, let me know if you would like a consonant or a vowel :)


  13. Oh, I am really late but I want to play too… Can I use reference books (dictionaries and / or thesaurus) if I get one of the difficult letters like X? :)


  14. Krista & Eden, you are both brave with the letters left!! I will try to be easy on both of you :)
    Eden, of course you can. I used a dictionary and google to help me come up with ideas.
    new update on the letters:
    I am giving Krista the letter A
    and Eden the letter E
    I O U Q V W X Y Z are now left.
    If anyone else is up for a letter, let me know if you would like a consonant or a vowel :)
    Any other takers??


  15. Hi Jane. I am sending you the letter i (put it in small case so it won’t be confused with L).
    O U Q V W X Y Z are now left.
    If anyone else is up for a letter, let me know if you would like a consonant or a vowel :)


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