“warm”~ PhotoHunt

This was a very difficult theme for me. I searched through all of my Hawaii photos, beach photos from both Italy and Hawaii, and sunset photos. I just couldn’t decide on which one to use. Instead, I decided to go with a photo of the Bollente in the Piazza della Bollente in Acqui Terme in Piemonte, Italy. The water that comes out of the Bollente stays at a constant temperature of 75°C or 167°F.


Piazza della Bollente during the day:


The Bollente at night:


For a moment, I thought about posting the following photo as my main “warm” photo, but then decided I better not. I was afraid all my friends dealing with the cold weather right now might throw a few shoes at me for posting this photo of snow.

Snow day at my school on a warm winter day in Hawaii.

warm snow.JPG

25 thoughts on ““warm”~ PhotoHunt

  1. Hi Girasoli, great theme photo selection of the Bollente. Neat how the steam is coming out! I like your snow photo too! I hope it lasted long enough for the kids to have a lot of fun with it!
    Have a great weekend Girasoli!


  2. I’ve never seen a fountain like that with warm water! Interesting!
    But I loved the “also ran” photo of the snow day in Hawaii. I understand why you didn’t pick it as your PhotoHunt photo, but I’m glad you shared it with us!


  3. Thanks everyone! The water that comes out of the Bollente is from a hot spring. According to everything I have read, it is always that hot. Napaboaniya, I would hope that kids would not touch the water either! I never thought of that before.
    The PTG at our school paid for the snow. We’ve only had it once (so far) because it was very expensive. We ordered 3 truck loads. The younger grades got to go first so we had nice fresh snow. I posted more on the snow in another post…click on snow under my category list to see more photos (including a snowman).


  4. The photos of the fountain are very cool – love way the steam looks! And the Hawaiian snow “storm” is hilarious. I bet the kids really had fun! We have some snow in the forecast today but it’s looking like it might end up being rain instead. Hope you’re having a nice weekend.


  5. jan, I was surprised you didn’t. I even checked first in case you did post it before posting my PhotoHunt post.
    Jerry, it is. I was amazed at how popular the springs are.
    Annie, it was very warm in the summer :) Many were amazed, some think still today that that is what snow is like, and all had fun. I was disappointed we couldn’t do it again (although certainly understood with the economy and cost).
    Amy, thanks. Most kids don’t own mittens, so they wore socks on their hands. A letter was also sent home to parents saying that covered shoes must be worn for their child to participate.
    Marcia, didn’t know you have been in Acqui Terme.
    jams, glad I was able to share something new with you and thanks.


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