morning sky

Views from my lanai this morning:


*will continue with Bologna tomorrow…

10 thoughts on “morning sky

  1. G: HA! How to make a Bostonian jealous:-) Sounds like a ‘special bulletin’ – “We interrupt this Bologna blogging for a just one little piece of paradise… Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging.” …… M


  2. Beautiful photos, girasoli.
    We are seriously thinking about visiting Oahu this time, and were looking at amazing flight rates from here to Honolulu ( about $80 RT). Looking at some time in April maybe, we’ll know for sure once the April schedule comes out.


  3. Ciao girasoli…
    I’ll take this opportunity to comment on all your recent posts together. In a word, they are wonderful! The series on Bologna is fascinating, and then your photos of the hot springs fountain in Acqui Terme, and now these gorgeous photos.
    Thanks for sharing all… it’s always fascinating reading your blog…


  4. That’s exactly how I feel, “interrupting our visit to Bologna to bring you sunrise in Hawaii” – it’s all just so beautiful. Of course, if I had that view, I probably would not be getting myself to work in the morning, or evening, so perhaps it’s best I don’t.


  5. My sentiments, exactly, Marcia!
    At first I was thinking I would not mind getting up early to watch the sunrise… but then… I may not want to go to work if that view sorrounds me… plus the ocean, the rainbows… I would be a happy beach bum.
    Girasoli, Love these photos. Lucky you!


  6. Leslie, pretty much what I said when I looked outside.
    Annie, I am not a chipper morning person. Seeing this sky helped perk me up a little bit, especially for a Monday.
    menehune, I love it! Wish I had thought of that! I did have my Bologna post all ready to go, but could not resist sharing the beautiful sky yesterday morning.
    Barb, since I am not a morning person, I don’t see as many beautiful mornings as I should. I just happened to catch the sky at the right moment yesterday. There is one time of the year when the sun rises a little later when I get to enjoy the beautiful morning sky on my drive to work.
    candi, I would love to get together if you come over.
    dana, thanks so much!! I am in awe of your talent. I really appreciate your comment about my blog and blog posts. I am glad you have enjoyed my Bologna posts.
    Kathy, aren’t the colors amazing? I don’t think I have seen too many morning skies like this (of course I have probably been asleep for many of them). I do however often enjoy the evening skies.
    Marcia, getting out of bed is my morning problem. Once I am up and finally moving, I have plenty of time to stare at the sky while i am in morning traffic. I often do and tell myself all the time just how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place.
    Eden, it definitely was hard for me to go to work when I first moved here. I always wanted to be at the beach. I am lucky to live here…as the saying goes –
    “Lucky you live Hawaii”!!


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