16 thoughts on “the boy and the fountain

  1. I love it. And wondering at his wonderment (is that a word?) … what could he have been thinking…. will he remember this visit? will it be etched in his memory?


  2. Thanks everyone. I have to admit I did crop out some people standing to the left and to the right of the fountain, but I did not photoshop anyone out. The boy is hard to spot at first. I love the way the boy is standing there looking up. I too wonder what he is thinking.


  3. That is a wonderful photo. As others have said, it is really cool how it looks like the two are communing. Almost as if the boy is receiving a blessing or some sort of important instruction.


  4. Oh my lord, it took me a moment to figure out what you meant by “the boy” — he looks so tiny!!! I had no idea how gigantic the sculpture is until I saw the boy, that certainly puts it in perspective.
    That makes this such a fantastic photo! Was it taken in Bologna?


  5. Ignore my question about where the fountain is located! I’ve been catching up on your blog, and reading posts in reverse order (which I shouldn’t do!) I just saw the Neptune fountain in one of your earlier posts on Bologna!


  6. Maria, thanks!
    Deborah, it does look like they are having a conversation :)
    sandra, he is hard to spot. I purposefully chose this title as a hint figuring the boy would probably be missed without the clue. He is easier to see when the photo is blown up a little more. I did the same thing on another blog, asking a question that was then answered in the previous post (also reading backwards).


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