#8 beautiful buildings in Bologna

The beautiful buildings ~ Reason #8 why I love Bologna.

Building across from Caffè Zanarini


And finally, one of my favorite buildings in Bologna ~ the Palazzo della Mercanzia. Photos of the outside of this building do not show the true beauty of this building. It was very difficult to get the building in focus and the lighting was horrible.

The ceiling inside the building


*majority of photos are from 2008 trip to Italy

19 thoughts on “#8 beautiful buildings in Bologna

  1. I have to agree with Leslie. It’s the first thing that came to mind when the photos started popping up…the Colors, a symphony of how we think of Italian buildings…so soulful and touching these colors. Thank you for posting such beautiful pictures.


  2. Are those streetcar lines in the photos? These buildings are a grand bow to Italian architecture — I love the Palazzo de la Mercanzie. After viewing all your photos, I have just about convinced two sisters that another trip to Northern Italy is necessary~M


  3. I really do think that whatever year we find ourselves planning our trip to Bologna and evnvirons, I am coming straight to your blog to start. Wonderful.


  4. You truly have such a great eye; your photos are always gorgeous. I’m so enjoying seeing Bologna through your eyes (Can’t wait to see it through my eyes too though!)


  5. Girasoli, your photos are fabulous! Thanks to you, I am getting so excited about seeing Bologna. And I’m beginning to get a much better sense of what I want to see and do when I’m there.
    The Palazzo della Mercanzia looks beautiful and that ceiling is wonderful.
    Thanks so much for the Bologna series!


  6. Gorgeous!! Another set of fantastic photos. I always think of Bologna as “red” and Florence as “yellow”. I love the heavier, darker buildings of Bologna.
    menehune, there is no streetcar in Bologna, those are for the buses – when they are in the city core they somehow snap on to those lines and follow them. If I remember correctly the buses run on natural gas.


  7. Wow. Oh wow. I am speechless looking at these photos. I was trying not to read your Bologna entries until I have time to go back and start at the beginning, but these photos just pull me in, I can’t control my urge to stare and stare at them! The colours are so intense. The arches and overhangs are wonderful. Thank you for sharing these amazing images, girasoli ♥


  8. I LOVE those colorful buildings! Makes me definitely want to go to Bologna.
    Thanks for sharing them with us.


  9. Thank you everyone!! I think there is a lot of hidden beauty in Bologna that can be discovered by exploring more than just the immediate area of Piazza Maggiore and the main street headed to the train station. During a taxi ride to my hotel in 2007, we drove by streets similar to the colored buildings I posted with one or more blue buildings lined up with the other colored buildings. I have not been able to find that blue building or buildings yet (can’t remember now if it was just one or a couple of streets with a blue building). That taxi ride was my inspiration for taking many of these photos.
    menehune, sorry to be so late in answering your question. Scroll up a little and read Chiocciola’s comment. She answered your streetcar question.
    dana, I can’t wait also to hear about your impression of Bologna.
    Palma, they are luscious! I am missing Bologna also after doing all of these posts.
    Chiocciola, thanks for answering the streetcar question. I never thought about Florence being yellow. Interesting observation.
    I am very behind once again getting to everyone’s blogs. I have been reading your posts but have not had time to do much commenting. Will try to catch up this weekend. Thanks again everyone for your comments :)


  10. Hi Girasoli, fabulous photos. I just love the colors of the buildiings. Sometimes I wish our buildings were just as colorful because as Maria said they do make me feel happy. The ceiling photo is really amazing.
    Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful photos of this beautiful City. Have a great day Girasoli!


  11. Kathy, the colors of the buildings is one of the things that really draws me to Bologna. The ceiling of the the Palazzo della Mercanzia was amazing! I found out after walking inside the building that it was a private office building. I snapped a couple of quick photos and left but wished I could have spent more time inside.
    Cindy Ruth, thanks! The colors of Bologna are so beautiful.


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