#9 the Basilica di Santo Stefano in Bologna

Santo Stefano ~ Reason #9 why I love Bologna. Bologna is home to many beautiful churches. The Basilica di Santo Stefano is nicknamed the Sette Chiese (seven churches) because there were originally seven churches in this complex. You can see the complex of seven churches (1200-1600 d.C.) in the bottom right corner of this photo.


Only four churches remain today. If you enjoy visiting churches, I would definitely recommend a visit to the Basilica di Santo Stefano.



In my next post, I will share some of the treasures found inside these beautiful buildings.

6 thoughts on “#9 the Basilica di Santo Stefano in Bologna

  1. What an interesting complex! I especially like the doorway (the sixth photo) with the large purple tiles on either side and above the door, the small, square relief carving of what looks like Christ and perhaps 2 saints.
    I can’t wait to see the treasures inside, in part 2 of your post. Santo Stefano is always mentioned in descriptions of Bologna and tourist guides, and sounds so interesting!
    Thanks so much for this!


  2. Leslie, thanks!
    sandra, I love that photo also. I wished I read more about Santo Stefano before visiting last year, but then again, not knowing brings a different kind of wonder (or at least it does for me).
    candi, thanks!
    jane, I did a photo merge for the last photo. I could not fit the entire building in one shot. I loved this building also.
    Chiocciola, I loved the area around this church also. Can’t wait to return this summer!
    *sorry so late in responding. Once again I am behind but will eventually catch up…


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