Both Annie’s post on Orbs from last week and Brenda’s post with photos of Orbs from last summer reminded me of the photos I have taken with Orbs.

I used to think that Orbs were water spots or dirt on the lens of the camera. Wikipedia describes them as light reflections off normally sub-visible particles when using digital cameras. I have also read the theory that they might be ghosts or spirits or something else mystical in nature. I found this interesting website called What are Orbs which talks about some of these possibilities. After reading more about Orbs, it makes me wonder if they could be something more than just dust or light reflections.

I took this photo of the little church near Katia’s house in Coccaglio back in 2003. We stopped by this church on the way to the yearly festival event taking place nearby. When I returned home from Italy that summer, I almost dumped the photo thinking it was ruined. I saved it though since it was the only photo I had of the outside of this cute little church. I also thought about trying to clean up the photo in photoshop but never got around to it.


If you look carefully, you will see one Orb in this photo up above the light on the right and a few Orbs, which are more difficult to see on the floor.


There is just one Orb that I can find in this photo on the wooden bench on the right.


I don’t think it could have been dust on the camera though because I took the second and third photos right after taking the photo of the outside of the church. If it was dust or spots on my lens, I would assume the Orbs would be in the same spots on all three photos. I am sure I did not clean my camera in between shots. I also took other outside photos that night without any Orbs in them.

Here is a link to a story I saw on the news the other night (Friday the 13th) about Ghost tours and Orbs. Check out the cool shirt! *The video is no longer available.

It makes you wonder…

8 thoughts on “orbs

  1. Very cool photos – there are a lot of them in that first one! That is a sweet little church. I too might have deleted some before I knew about orbs. I lean more towards angels than ghosts, but who knows? It’s an interesting mystery!


  2. girasoli,
    Cool photos with the Orbs. I have to go through my photos and see if I can find any orbs.
    The video does make one wonder. And did you mean the cool shirt the Orbs guy is wearing? Or the one news cast guy is wearing? I think they are both cool!!


  3. Annie, I forgot the angel theory. They certainly could be. I keep forgetting about that church every year I go back to visit. I hope I remember this year. I would like to get a photo of it during the day and maybe visit inside again if it is open.
    sandra, I couldn’t believe the timing since I just read Annie’s post on Orbs before watching the news. I agree. The shirt is hilarious. I wonder if they sell them.
    candi, you will have to post them if you find some. I meant the Got Orbs T-shirt, but now that you pointed out Howard’s shirt, I had to go back and check it out. Was that mermaids or dancing dolphins on his shirt?


  4. Hi Girasoli, interesting post. And I also liked that church in your first photo and there are quite a few orbs there. That was an interesting video and kind of spooky with the skull and everything. I also thought you were referring to the anchor’s shirt! :) I’m in the angel camp.
    Thanks for the interesting post!


  5. candi, I am thinking it is mermaids also. I need to pay attention to his shirts now to see if he has any other wild ones.
    Maria, I would love one too. I wonder if they are sold here. Interesting the places Orbs show up.
    Kathy, the skull thing was creepy. I hear the ghost tours are very spooky.


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