20 thoughts on ““stripes”~ PhotoHunt

  1. Thanks everyone! I appreciate all of your comments :)
    Annie, it was a fun hike even though I could not go very far. Too out of shape but I am working on that!
    Brenda, I had to laugh when I first saw your comment. When I saw the word enlarge, the first thing I thought of was another one of those spam comments about enlarging body parts! Then I read the rest and saw it was from you :) Thanks, appreciate your compliment.
    napaboaniya, I am not sure which leaf you are talking about. A few of them were very big.


  2. Love them! The coconut fronds made for some awesome stripes! The others look like they could be leaves from banana plant.
    What great collection of stripes you have!


  3. Hi Girasoli, I just posted on yor Red Sox entry! And then I realized that I didn’t see your PH this week! I think these are awesome photos for this week’s PhotoHunt theme. Very creative and I love the close-ups you took on the first two leaves!
    Excellent choices for this week G! Have a great week and enjoy the game tomorrow!:)


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