27 thoughts on ““triangle”~ PhotoHunt

  1. How funny that the first photo hunt post I visit for today are ones from where I was born and raised. These are beautiful photos. Love the architecture. I wish I had taken more photos like these before I left the islands.
    Have a great Easter weekend!


  2. Great shots, girasoli. And the church is beautiful.
    It is a nice day on Maui today, after rain and clouds for the past two days.
    Have a great weekend!


  3. Love your take on this weeks theme. Great photos too!
    I found it hard to find triangles in my house this week but I did finally find some.
    Mine’s up and ready…come on over!


  4. Wow, a beautiful church! And I love the contrast with the palm trees — so unlike the urban Italian churches I usually admire.


  5. Those are great photos and really interesting. I thought at first they were pictures of Italy and I was surprised to see such a regal building in Hawaii. Nice post for this week’s theme.


  6. Thanks everyone!!
    I was surprised to find this unique little mausoleum in downtown Honolulu. I took these photos a few years ago. At the time I thought it was a chapel. I wasn’t focusing on the triangles at the time.
    menehune, Yes it is near the ‘Iolani Palace.


  7. Hi Girasoli, great selection for this week’s photo hunt! I also love seeing the palm trees rising above the mausoleum and along the sides. Very cool! It looks like it was a beautiful sunny day when you took these fabulous shots too! Happy Easter Sunday!


  8. YES! Mahalo. That is a place I visited last time I was in Honolulu. Ty took me there as he says – a grand place (as in historically grand as well). Thanks for bringing back this memory…Go Sox! Menehune


  9. Nice photos, it does look more like a chapel than a mausoleum. It also looks very European which makes the palm trees look even cooler!
    Hope you’re having a great Easter weekend! I am except that it’s going by too fast. :)


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