my weekend, the SOX, my new passport, & the tree!

What a great week! Family visiting, Sox/Yankees series, my new passport, and the tree that I have been cursing, which has been home to many birds who have all crapped on my car for years and years, has finally been cut down!

Family visiting – I really enjoyed spending time with my brother, sister-in-law, my niece and my nephew. The last time I saw them, my niece was about 10 months old and my nephew was two (I think). It was really nice getting to know my niece and nephew a little bit better.

Here they are on one of the rides at my school’s Family Fun Fest Friday night:

jack lizzy.jpg

Sox – As you can see, rooting for the Red Sox runs in my family. There was a big 3 game Sox/Yankees series last weekend, the first meeting of the two teams this year. Friday night, after buying food at the fair, we decided to eat in my classroom since all the tables outside were taken (a perk of working at the school). My brother has an iPhone and was checking the score on and off most of the night. When we went into my room, I turned Gameday Audio (the radio broadcast of the game) on my computer.

The game was tied and they were in extra innings. If it was up to my brother and I, we would have stayed in my room until someone scored, but the kids, my sister, and my sister-in-law were ready to play more games and go on more rides.

Just as I went over to turn off my computer, Kevin Youkilis hit a walk off home run and the Red Sox won. I started jumping up and down cheering. My nephew thought it was pretty funny, probably thought I was nuts, and was surprised at how much I love the Red Sox. I think I earned a few points with him that night :)

Saturday was the regional softball Special Olympics event for the island of Oahu. The games were played up on a military base with nothing around except a couple of softball fields, a bunch of red dirt, and a few disgusting porta potties. Before leaving my house, I caught the first couple of innings of the Sox/Yankees game. The Sox were losing 4-0. They were losing 6-0 when I got arrived at the softball fields. I figured that game was pretty much over for the Sox.

My brother and his family and I all arrived after my sister and my other brother (my other brother/not my brother visiting) played their first game. Their next game was four hours away. My brother checked the score of the game on his iPhone now and then. The Sox tied it 6-6 soon after I arrived. His kids got bored and wanted to go to the beach so they left. There went my Sox update…

My plan was to stay until I had to use the porta potty. The smell of the one I walked by when I arrived was horrible. I did not want to get any closer and especially did not want to go inside. One of the dads talked me into using the handicapped porta potty which was a little larger, saying it wasn’t that bad (the smell actually was not as bad as the one I walked by when I arrived but the sight was disgusting!!). I will not go into that here…

The softball game finally ended about 3:30 pm and by the time they got their ribbons and I arrived back home it was almost 5 pm. I stayed away from the news, did not turn on my computer, and settled in to watch the game (recorded it when I left). It ended up being a wild game with the final score 16-11!!! Sox 2 – Yankees 0.

On Sunday, my brother and his family spent the day at the water park. I was pretty wiped out and ended up taking a short nap around noontime. I woke up just in time for the Sox/Yankees final game of the series.

The highlight of this game was Jacoby Ellsbury sealing home.


This is a pretty rare event in baseball and it was the first time I have seen it in real time.

Click on the photo below to see the video of this very cool steal…

…and the Sox also won the game!!! How *sweep* it was!! Sox 3 – Yankees zilch.

Now you have to understand, for years and years and years, the Red Sox have always lost. Maybe not every game, but enough games and usually when it counted. I have been a true blue Red Sox fan, win or lose. I was always the last person to admit that the fat lady had sung and the season was over, so it has been pretty exciting seeing them do so well the past few years and to see them sweep a series against the Yankees is a dream of all Sox fans.

After owning the cellar (being in last place) a little over a week ago, the Sox were in first place for a day and after today’s losss, we are back in second place. The Red Sox had a winning streak of 11 games! Pretty amazing after their horrible start. The streak was broken today when they lost in the ninth.

Passport – New passport in the mail (4 weeks from the day I mailed my application)! I also received my old passport (in another envelope) AND I received my Federal Tax refund check all in the same day! What a great mail day!! Passport & check! Now I am all set! Italy here I come…less than 2 months away!

The tree – ever since I first bought my place, my parking space has given me grief. First, the sprinklers were turned on much to high and every night they sprayed all over my car (even on the roof of my car) leaving water spots which were impossible to clean off. After finally getting the person in charge to turn down the sprinklers, the tree started to grow out of control. Birds love this tree and crapped all over my car. In addition, every spring, these dark red berries would fall from the tree and land on my car leaving stains. I have been thinking about getting a new car but have not wanted to deal with the tree problems with a new car.

About two or three months ago, I noticed that the leaves on the tree were turning yellow and the branches were black. I finally saw the resident manager last week and pointed out the dead looking tree, pleading with him to have it cut down. He has known about the problems with the tree and said he would try his best but it was not up to him. Saturday afternoon, my neighbor told me that he heard the tree was getting chopped down on Monday.

I drove home Monday afternoon in anticipation of a big ole celebration by my parking spot. I turned the last corner and THE TREE WAS GONE!!!!!!!!! I did my dance and can now start thinking about a new car.

Life is good!!!

13 thoughts on “my weekend, the SOX, my new passport, & the tree!

  1. Your niece and nephew are adorable! Glad you had a good time with your family. And congrats on the Passport – less than two months is so exciting!


  2. Good looking niece and nephew! Glad to hear you had a fabulous week with family, three Red Sox wins, new passport in hand and no tree messing up your car. It’s all good!


  3. girasoli,
    Your niece and nephew are so cute. First I have to congratulate you in the removal of that tree, I remember you complaining about it.
    And the other night, Bill said that you must be excited that the RS sweeped the game.


  4. The tiki gods are smiling on you — and the Sox. Can you believe it? What a GREAT weekend for them (too bad for the Yankees :-))..Enjoy some quiet time, menehune


  5. Wow — lots of news has been happening with you! Your niece and nephew are very cute, and he should be very impressed with your Red Sox credentials! I’m happy to hear that your team is doing so well!
    Great news on the passport and especially on getting rid of the tree and the pesky birds. I find that especially heart-warming (given how much I hate birds!!!) But the damage they can cause is serious. Now, if there were porta-potties for birds, maybe that would solve some problems. But then again, maybe not!


  6. I’m so glad you had the visit from your family… how nice that must have been! And with the tree and the passport and the check and the Sox, well, sounds like it was a great week all around!


  7. Wow, you really had a great week! Your niece an nephew are adorable. Sounds like you all had a nice time together. Glad that you are all ready for Italy now. I hope that the time flies. I guess you are eager to end the school year. That tree would have driven me nuts. Glad that it is gone!


  8. Hi Girasoli, wow you had a lot going on. Thanks for the great summary to catch us up on what’s been happening with you. Your nephew and niece are so cute and they look so happy. Glad you were able to get to know them better and enjoy your visit with your family. That was a funny story how you scored some point from your nephew when you jumped up and down! :)
    Very happy to hear about your passport & your refund check. Whoo hoo Italy here you come is right! And glad you had did a happy dance when the bird crapping tree was cut down. Nothing frustrates me more than when a bird craps on my car just after I washed it! LOL!
    Thanks for the great update! Have a great evening!


  9. Thank you. You made the trip wonderful for Jack & Lizzy. ( Lisa and I also ) We all really enjoyed spending time with you.


  10. G: Sorry, I got so excited about ‘chatting/blogging’ with you about the Sox, I forgot to mention the two cuties in the swings. Hope you were able to spend quality reconnecting time with your family. I found reminders of how ‘far away’ Hawaii was when it came to family time…at least it was a vacation for them:-) menehune


  11. Annie, they sure are adorable! I really have not worked on my trip at all these past few weeks and need to get back on it soon.
    María, yes it was a great week :)
    candi, that tree was such a pain in the butt. Bird crap all down the sides of my car and windows so many times. I am so glad it is gone! The sweep was sooooo exciting. There were so many memorable plays in each of the three games. Great series!
    menehune, I was really hoping for just 2 games. All three was icing on the cake! Great series! It is times like these when I miss being in Boston. Never enough time but the time we had was great.
    sandra, I am not sure if he was surprised that I was a huge fan because I am not a guy or because I don’t live in Massachusetts. Those birds were nasty. I had to wear gloves many times to clean off the bird crap from my car. Love your idea about the porta potties!
    Marcia, they do grow up so quickly. My other niece and nephew are both all grown up now and it seems like it was just yesterday when they were here as kids about the same age as Jack & Lizzy going to the zoo with me.
    dana, it was really nice spending time together. It really was a great week.
    sheri, I wish I was ready! I have so much more planning/organizing to do and now the end of the year school crunch is on. 5 more weeks and school is out! That is my countdown right now…then comes Italy :)
    Kathy, they really did seem to have a lot of fun here. I always wonder how kids percieve Hawaii. The funny thing about the tree being gone is that it seems like something is missing with it gone…but I am not missing it at all!
    Michael, I am so glad you were able to visit and glad everyone had a good time. I just wish you could have stayed a little longer. I everyone’s jet lag is not too bad. How did Jack & Lizzy do when they went back to school? I bet they had some great stories to share.


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