20 thoughts on ““walking”~ PhotoHunt

  1. Very cute pictures, I love the little tags on each of their backs.
    I hope you had a wonderful visit with your brother and his family, and that the weather improved for their stay.


  2. Great photos – these must be school field trips with your kids? What amazing scenery – I bet the kids love it!
    Hope you’re having a great weekend!


  3. I smiled at the bottom picture – were it my class trip half of the students would have been falling into the ponds – fish or no fish. LOL


  4. Hi Girasoli, great take on this week’s photo theme. I think the kids are so cute and what a pretty place to do a field trip to. It must have been so much fun for them.
    I love our photos! Have a great Sunday!


  5. Aloha Girasoli,
    Love the photos…Brings back memories for me as I used to be on all these school field trips on Molokai. Great take for this week’s PH theme:)
    Thank you for the visit as well!
    Cindy O


  6. Sandra, I put the tags on their backs so they don’t play with them. So far we haven’t lost any yet (tags & kids!). I did have a nice visit and yes, thankfully, the weather did improve.
    candi, thanks. They are cute. The first photo shows 4 of my kids (4 of the closest) and the second photo is a of a K class we do activities with.
    jams, we are very lucky to be able to go on strolls in such beautiful locations
    Annie, yes, the first one is from last year and the second one is from this year. I love that we get to go to such beautiful places. I am not sure the kids realize how lucky they are yet.
    Leslie, thanks!
    menehune, I still enjoy going on field trips – the only difference is now I am am usually exhausted at the end of the day
    Jerry, I am usually more worried that I will fall in!
    Cindy Ruth, thanks!
    María, I am guessing the scenery might be similar. Glad to bring back some nice memories for you.
    dana, thank you for your very kind comment about my photos. They are cute. I would love to be able to show their faces.
    Carver, thanks so much. Glad you like them.
    Kathy, thanks. We did have a lot of fun on both field trips.
    Cindy, I can just imagine the beautiful places you went on your field trips. I have been to Molokai twice. It is such a special island.
    Carin, we got to plant lettuce on the first field trip and catch shrimp on the second field trip.


  7. Hi, this is an East Coast TV guide head’s up….I just saw that tonight at 10 pm Eastern time on the Travel Channel, Anthony Bourdain is doing a show about Hawaii. Not sure if it’s a rerun or not but thought I’d let you know!


  8. june, it was lots of fun :)
    Annie, thanks as always for the heads up. I read your comment yesterday, but forgot to post it til this morning. I have seen most of that show (keep missing the beginning and missed the beginning again last night!) It was an ok representation. My big criticism is that he needs to learn to pronounce musubi (spam musubi) correctly. He really butchered the word. I would have thought someone on the set from Hawaii would have corrected him. Thanks again!!!


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