“in memory”~ PhotoHunt

Tomorrow will be the tenth Mother’s Day without my mom. Last year, I posted a few pictures of my mom when she was a child and when she was a teenager. You can check them out here. For today’s PhotoHunt post, I have decided to post a more recent picture of my mom with my youngest sister. This is one of my favorite pictures I have of my mom.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom



23 thoughts on ““in memory”~ PhotoHunt

  1. That is a lovely photo of your mom. Yes, their passing does leave an empty hole in our lives. But the sorry is also part of the yin and yang of living.


  2. What a wonderful photo of your mom and sister. I also went to the post you did about her before and that was so touching. Such beautiful photographs of a beautiful person.
    Thanks for visiting mine and yes you’re correct that my mom was wearing a crown in the Christmas shot I posted. That makes me smile and the other thing about the shot I included that made me smile was my mom was wearing her nice new night robe at Christmas dinner. It was a fancy one she got as a gift and after Church she changed into her robe to be more comfortable for Christmas dinner. It was as nice as any dress but still funny that she was at the dining room table with a fancy Christmas dinner and all the trimmings wearing her robe, that was so mom.


  3. Thanks everyone! My mom did have a beautiful smile.
    Carver, I didn’t even notice! She looked dressed up to me.
    Michael, yes she did. I only wish she realized just how special she was to all of us and knew how much she is missed.


  4. Oh, what a beautiful smile on your mothers face. I love this picture and can see why you do. I also went to your previous post, and read that one too. What a darling little girl she was. I know is must be so hard, when this holiday comes around, I still have my mom, but lost my father, when I was only 24, and I still miss him every day.
    Thanks for your sweet comments about my mom,


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