Last night I noticed a baby gecko doing laps around the top of my wall. I was too tired to try to get him so I just let him be. This morning when I opened my eyes, I saw him on the carpet by my TV. Again, I was too tired to move to get him. Geckos can be so fast. I knew in my half-awake state, I wouldn’t have a chance to capture him. A few minutes later he disappeared.

After getting up, I went about my morning getting ready for work. Just before leaving my house, I went to brush my teeth and there he was sitting on the top of my brand new toothbrush looking up at me. I let out a blood-curdling scream.

Now if I was a dedicated blogger, this is when I would have gone and grabbed my camera. Instead, I knocked over my toothbrush holder, turned the water on to try to drown him, grabbed my hair conditioner spray to try to condition him to death, and made a complete mess of my sink counter space.

I finally trapped him in a corner. He sat there staring at me with his big eyes. Again, I should have grabbed my camera. I could have captured a great photo. Instead I grabbed a bunch of toilet paper, scooped him up, and threw him in the toilet. I usually try to trap geckos and put them outside, but this little one crossed the line sitting on the top of my brand new toothbrush.

My heart was racing, I was late to work, and my bathroom looked like someone broke in and robbed my place. After cleaning up, I hurried out the door and was lucky to not encounter any major traffic, making it to work with ten minutes to spare.

Just another Monday morning living in paradise :)
Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 11.08.58 AM

15 thoughts on “eeeekkk!!!

  1. Well, you started off the day in an exciting way!
    We have lizard-type creatures here too, and they always sneak into the house. I kind of like them around because they eat bugs.
    But the toothbrush thing was pretty gross . . .


  2. Oh YUCK! What a horrid way to start a day. Can totally understand why you didn’t get any pictures! Hope the rest of the day went better.


  3. Maybe you need to get a cat, LOL! Mine pretty much take care of any unsuspecting vermin that sneak in (although I have rescued a mouse and a bug and taken them out before the cats could kill them).


  4. Yikes! Not a great start to the day! I would have done the same, probably smashing a few things in the bargain.
    I’ve gotten so protective of my toothbrush, I now use a travel cap on it even at home!


  5. Your post is hysterical. I’m glad I wasn’t drinking a glass of milk because it would have been spewing out of my nostrils!!! I had such a vivid image of what transpired by the time you saw the little green meanie on your toothbrush to the final FLUSH!!
    Thank you so much for the laugh!!!!
    Mindy (Pokey)


  6. Ah girasoli, your post absolutely cracked me up!!! Very funny description of your encounter! The only creatures I see in my house are tiny ones such as ants, flies, spiders…the occasional centipede or earwig (yuck!!!) Oh and the rare critter that the cats bring in for me (mercifully they almost always leave their offerings outside though, and for that I am deeply grateful!!)


  7. Yikes! My thoughts were, ” What, no pictures?” LOL. I can relate with the reactions you had, however. I remember your post regarding the centipede you found in your car. What one puts up with to live in paradise. :)


  8. Hi Girasoli, your post made me laugh! I have the greatest fear of anything that squirms . . . at least you were brave enough to grab it. I would’ve just ran away! :)
    Hope you don’t have anymore unexpected encounters…


  9. I always think about the camera AFTER the fact, too – reminds me of how fascinated the kids were by geckos on our first trip to Kauai way back when.


  10. Would have had the EXACT same reaction. I could just picture your bathroom – mine would have looked the same! I am terrified of anything more than ants & flies! Even one of those on my toothbrush would gross me out!


  11. Imagine not having been good awake and just starting to brush your teeth kind of automatically……….LOL That idea is making me laugh very hard right now! What a reaction and thanks for sharing it! Poor gecko!


  12. What a way to start a day! I don’t like slimy things and much less if they invade my stuff. I’m like Sandra, very protective of my toothbrush and I keep it in a drawer with the bristles covered.


  13. nancyhol, the gecko certainly woke me up! As long as I see them, I am happy to have them live with me to eat the bugs. It is when I see them crawling around that bothers me.
    Tourmama, definitely not my favorite way to start my day. My day went pretty well after my morning surprise :
    Annie, I have thought about a cat :) It would certainly solve a few problems. The main problem is that my place gets really hot when I lock up my doors/windows while at work and I don’t want to pay for A/C for a cat.
    sandrac, fortunately I was not electrocuted when I knocked my electric toothbrush into the sink during the chaos. The gecko was not on this toothbrush, but I am going to replace it just in case.
    Mindy, glad I was able to entertain you :)
    Anne, although I was not laughing at the time, it did make me laugh later on. Ants and geckos are my main household residents.
    Eden, I really did think about grabbing my camera, but geckos are so fast. I knew it would be gone by the time I returned and I was determined to capture this little creature.
    menehune, I found another one the next night crawling around above my sliding glass door. I tried to get it but it was too fast for me. I just have to put it out of my mind and imagine that it went back outside.
    Kathy, the grabbing it part is the creepiest part for me. I hate when they squirm. Fortunately I grabbed enough toilet paper and he was small enough that I was able to drop him in the toilet before he started squirming. I would have never made it to the door to let him outside.
    Marcia, I freaked out the first time I saw one. Now I am usually pretty calm (unless they invade my personal space).
    sheri, my toothbrush went straight into the trash. I could not imagine using it again even after boiling it or sanitizing it in some other way. My bathroom was still a nightmare when I returned home that night. It is back to normal now though and hopefully will stay that way.
    Carin, I would have had to call in sick! The thought creeps me out!
    María, I don’t have a drawer but geckos can get inside most drawers and cabinets anyways. I did put a cover on top of my toothbrush that night. I have hesitated in using caps in the past because bacteria can grow easily when covered in a humid environment (found this out from our dental hygenist that provided toothbrushes to our class). The cap I found is open at the bottom. Hopefully it will work (although a gecko could still crawl up inside since it is open at the bottom).


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