lizard outside my classroom

I took this photo yesterday of a lizard hanging out right outside my classroom . I am happy to see geckos and lizards outside. Just not on my toothbrush :)


7 thoughts on “lizard outside my classroom

  1. I like them outdoors too and never inside my home!! if possible, I catch them with a glass to bring them outside but they are normally way too quick for me!


  2. Outside is the only place I’d want to see them too. The chameleons, I can tolerate. It’s those clear icky geckos that freak me out! My tutu told me I used to catch them as a child. I was starting to think that the gecko was our aumakua because they seem to follow my tutu and myself (both deathly afraid of them) all over the place! I don’t have to worry about them anymore here in Washington. Now it’s the spiders.


  3. Mar, they are so quick! I have been able to capture a few by putting a container on top and then sliding something underneath. Too many get away though.
    menehune, they are cute when they are outside. I think we had a pretty good week. Wednesday night’s game 5th inning was memorable and a sweep of the Blue Jays is a good thing.
    Carin, we saw this lizard when returning from the bathroom. My students love to watch lizards. I was amazed at how close we could get to this one before it ran away.
    Pink Monkey, spiders can be pretty creepy also. I worked in a portable classroom one year that was infested with geckos. They used to drop on me. Not fun!!!
    María, I just didn’t want anyone to think I was on a gecko or lizard hunt :)


  4. Girasoli, it IS hard to imagine you as a serial gecko killer!!! Still, when they try to use your toothbrush, that’s definitely crossing the line!


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