“plastic”~ PhotoHunt

This was a tough PhotoHunt for me. I realized that I don’t take many photos of plastic items except for at school. I wish I could post the picture I recently took of my students all crammed together laughing and smiling at the bottom of the big red plastic slide at the park near our school.

After a long search, I finally found a few photos that would fit the plastic theme this week. These photos are from La Mole Antonelliana in Torino and the Cinema Museum (which is located inside La Mole Antonelliana).

View from the Observation Deck at the top of La Mole Antonelliana of plastic playground equipment:


One of the exhibits in the Temple Hall of the Cinema Museum ~ “The Absurd”. The entrance is a giant refrigerator:


3 close up photos of the plastic food on the door of the huge refrigerator:


When you walk through the giant refrigerator, you will find toilets as your seats. The formal name for this room is “The Absurd”, but I call it “The Refrigerator Room”.


18 thoughts on ““plastic”~ PhotoHunt

  1. That museum looks like a hoot! What fun, that food is very realistic. But who’s the dude standing on top of the fridge?!?
    And that aerial shot is too cool – love the colors and the shapes.
    Happy holiday weekend!


  2. Great photos, loved the ones of the food, they almost looked real. That must have been a fun place to visit. The guy standing on top of the fridge makes is comical! Enjoy your weekend.


  3. Thanks everyone. I am not sure who the guy is standing on top of the refrigerator. The food looked very real, some of it even looked real up close!


  4. Hi Girasoli, wow these are great selections for this week. All your photos are cool and the ones of the absurb exhibit is a crack up.
    Wonderful photos Girasoli! Hope you’re having a wonderful long weekend!


  5. Without reading the caption on the first photo I thought it was a scale model of a school. I should have guessed that it was a view form the top of a tower, knowing your fascination with climbing them ;)
    The other photos are very funny and interesting.


  6. Next time you need some photo about Torino, please give e tour on my blog, the first photo blog about Torino (or ask me to do for you the photos you need). For sure you will get something better than an English blog (bella-torino.com) quite bad realized


  7. Thanks again everyone. Sorry to late in getting back to this post to reply to everyone. The end of the school year has been crazy. Glad you enjoyed my picks for “plastic”.
    María & dana, it does look like a scale model or a Fisher Price preschool set!
    Fabrizio, thank you for stopping by. I already have your blog linked on my sidebar. I linked this post to bella-torino.com only for the information on La Mole Antonelliana in Torino and the Cinema Museum, not for the photos. Thank you for your offer of providing me with photos. PhotoHunt is a weekly event where bloggers post their own photos. I am sorry if you did not like this post or my photos.


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