the Bargello, rain, pizza, & more gelato (2009 TRIP)

Friday, June 26th:
I enjoyed another filling breakfast at my B&B. Great food and new people to meet. After breakfast, I went out looking for a bancomat (atm machine). I found a few nearby but for some reason, none of them were working.

The skies were pretty gray. I went back for my raincoat and headed to the Bargello, my favorite museum in Florence. It started to rain just as I arrived. Photos are no longer allowed inside the museum rooms which was disappointing. At least I was able to take photos in the courtyard.


Even though photos were no longer allowed inside the museum, I was very excited to see the Donatello David again. This is my very favorite sculpture in Florence. The detail of this bronze sculpture just amazes me! I stood and stared at this David for quite a while. I also watched an Interesting video of how he was recently restored.

After walking through the rest of the museum, I headed to the Oltrano area to have lunch at Trattoria St. Agostino. I ordered panzanella (a famous Tuscan bread and tomato salad). I decided to order a pasta after I finished the salad. The waiter told me he knew of the perfect pasta for me. He brought out a pasta dish with pici (thick pasta noodles) and red peppers and some sort of crusted bread crumbs. I thought it was just was ok (a little too salty for my taste). I am finding that much of the food in Florence seems to be quite salty. I am not sure if this is typical of Tuscan food, just what I have ordered so far, or due to the fact that I don’t cook with salt at home.

As I headed back towards Piazza Signoria, I noticed that the sky was black. Just as I was crossing the Alla Carraia bridge it started to rain again. As I headed back towards the piazza, I searced for a bancomat that was working. I finally found one not far from Grom. Naturally, I could not pass up a gelato.

Right after I ordered my gelato (nocciola and pistacchio), it started to rain a little bit harder. Grom was too crowded to stand inside. Florence does not have many covered areas. As I walked back towards my B&B, I held my hand over my gelato, trying to cover it from the rain while eating it as fast as I could.

I returned to my B&B just in time. A few mintues later the skies opened up and it started to pour with thunder and lightening. I hung out watching a little TV and then took another long nap.

I was still pretty full from breakfast and lunch and decided to have pizza for dinner. Instead of giving Yellow Bar another try, I headed to Pizzeria Il Pizzaiuolo for dinner. I have eaten here twice during past trips to Florence. This is where my friends Francesco and Irene took me when we first met in 1999. After about a 20 minute wait, I was seated. I ordered the caprese pizza (pizza with fresh mozzarella, tomato slices, and basil). Sooooo good!!! I love eating at this place. It is lively and fun and I have always been treated well. If only it was not such a far walk, although I think it was good for me to walk off dinner after eating so much food since I have arrived in Florence. My stomach feels like it is going to burst after every meal!

So…I am all caught up. Thank you for all of your comments. I am hoping for sun tomorrow although the weather forecast is for more rain and thunderstorms. I am glad I brought warm clothes. It is chilly here!


Next up – Saturday ~ trip to Arezzo

10 thoughts on “the Bargello, rain, pizza, & more gelato (2009 TRIP)

  1. So enjoying hearing about your trip!!!!!!!!!
    My 18 year old, Alessandro, is on a plane to England – going to represent Australia again, playing pool.


  2. WOW, you are in Italy, again? :) I did not even realize that because I have not been around lately.
    Awesome! Have a wonderful trip. (Here I was checking for PhotoHunt entry and found that you are having another great experience in your favorite destination.)


  3. I’m sorry to hear you’re getting so much rain — it was like that when I left Umbria (sob!) earlier this week. But you have the Bargello to comfort you, I also love that museum! And your pizza sounds fantastic.


  4. Hope the rain stops after today! Really enjoying your travels. We were in Florence the same week in 2007. Bringing back lots of good memories. As I recall, the Gelato Shop on the Oltrano side of the Alla Carraia was very good. It was very close to where we stayed. Enjoy every minute!


  5. But–Florence in any weather is the perfect place to be–right? The pizza sounds so good and I need to find out where Il Pizzaiolo is–just to have the caprese pizza. Yum.
    I have this great mental image of you hustling down the street, sheltering a gelato–LOL. Who cares about hair or clothes but save the gelato. I am in total agreement.
    See you quite soon in Bologna.


  6. Hi Girasoli, thanks for taking the time to write about your experiences so far. I would love to return to Florence again and one day visit Bargello. I’ve only seen the fake David while in Florence. I also love that image of you protecting your gelato too! That would’ve been my priority as well!
    Thanks again for the update. I hope the weather clears soon for you. Although I must say that Italy in the rain to me right now sounds better than California in the sun! Keep on having fun and I look forward to your next adventure.


  7. girasoli,
    I had to laugh at the image of you walking fast and covering your gelato from the rain:) I think I would have done the same thing.
    Sounds like a lovely day in Florence. I hope that you would be able to find less salty meals.


  8. Other than the rain, the day sounded quite fabulous, with the visit to the Bargello and re-visiting Donatello’s David, (which is also one of my favorite sculptures), great pizza and yummy gelato.


  9. The Bargello, Pizzeria Il Pizzaiuolo, and Grom. A great day despite the rain.
    Pizzeria Il Pizzaiuolo serves outstanding pizza. It is always crowded and everyone seems happy. Not very expensive either. Much better than Yellow Bar.
    I was really lucky with the weather overall. I think it only rained 3 or 4 days total.
    Eating gelato is always a priority. Rain will never stop me :)


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