slug day in Bologna (2009 TRIP)

Wednesday, July 8th:
I slept in Wednesday morning. Once up, I went to check out the food markets.

My fish market photos (part of the food market area) are posted here.

There is a new Eat Italy in the area where the food markets are located in Bologna.  I went inside to have a look around.  Interesting place.  Various foods for sale, part bookstore, and also part caffe with drinks and food to eat.

After wandering around the food market area, I went back to my hotel and had a long discussion at the hotel desk about gelateria choices. The owner or manager of the hotel was also there and joined in on the discussion.  I was told that the gelateria in Piazza Cavour had the best gelato. I asked if the name of this gelateria was Funivia since that was the gelateria I spent an hour searching for on Monday. I was told that it was called Gelateria Cavour. I had to check it out.

On the way I stopped in Caffe Zanarini and had a delicious little pastry and a caffe macchiato.  Piazza Cavour was a block away.  I was skeptical that there was a gelateria in this piazza since I could not find anything there on Monday.  Indeed there not only was a gelateria, but it was called Cremeria Funivia!  I guess it is also referred to as Gelateria Cavour by some who live in Bologna.

Cremeria Funivia is a large gelateria. The gelato is made right there and the flavors are kept covered similar to Grom rather than displayed. There is a large selection of flavors available.  The caffe flavor has chocolate mixed in with it (migraine trigger for me) so I ordered nocciola and pistacchio.

In my opinion, the nocciola was outstanding, probably one of the best I have had. Grom however has Cremeria Funivia beat for the pistacchio.  I meant to go back to Cremeria Funivia during this trip to try more flavors, but I ran out of time.

Now that I had dessert, it was time for lunch.  I returned to Eat italy and ordered a pomodoro, mozzarella bufala, and basilico panino.  Outstanding!

After lunch, I went to the Museo Civico Medievale. Free and closing in one hour. It was a fun museum to walk through with some interesting things to see.

I was feeling pretty tired. I think my visit to Ravenna with all the walking I did caught up with me. I hung out at my hotel in the late afternoon and took a long nap.

I had dinner at Cesarini, located in the beautiful Piazza Santo Stefano. I ordered spaghetti with clams and a mixed salad. Both the service and the food were very good.

Another western movie playing in the piazza. I decided on an early night instead, but did peek out my window to watch a little bit of the movie.

Italy Trip 2009, Bologna, Italy

Next up – Thursday morning ~ daytrip to Reggio Emilia.

5 thoughts on “slug day in Bologna (2009 TRIP)

  1. Yikes, I feel like I missed so much during my week in Bologna — what did I do with all of my time? I didn’t get to Cesarini, and I wish that I had — the Piazza Santo Stefano really is beautiful and that would have been such a great spot for dinner. And I didn’t spend any time around Piazza Cavour, with all of the cool shops nearby — to say nothing of Cremeria Funivia, it sounds fantastic!


  2. Hi Girasoli, nocciola ! I’m taking notes for when I finally get to go back to Italy. :)
    Sorry that you weren’t feeling well, but it sounds like you enjoyed your day exploring. I’m looking forward to your next post. Keep on having fun!


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