“utensils”~ PhotoHunt

utensil ph.jpg
(Photo taken in a store window in Lucca)

Back home again. My body seems to be stuck on EST at the moment. I fell asleep around 4 in the afternoon yesterday and woke up at 1 this morning. The benefit was that I was able to watch the Tour de France live. I am hoping to stay awake until at least 9 pm tonight to adjust back to Hawaii time.

I took over 4000 photos. I spent most of yesterday downloading them onto my computer. Now where to start. Not sure if I should I continue from where I left off, or post some photos from the first half of my trip first. I do need to write up the rest of my trip soon though before I forget things (got a little lazy at the end). I am feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. Fortunately today was PhotoHunt day so I do not need to decide yet.

It is good to be home but at the same time I am missing Italy terribly…

15 thoughts on ““utensils”~ PhotoHunt

  1. Girasoli,
    Welcome home! Yeah, jet lag is something, I hope you get over it soon.
    That is a lovely photo! What a cute grater!
    Can’t wait to see more of your photos and hear more about your trip.
    Have a great day!


  2. Welcome home! I hope your body readjusts to Hawaii time soon, although I have to say that I don’t mind the fog I’m in for the first days when I’m back — I feel like it kind of insulates me from the shock of leaving Italy!
    It will be great to see your photos, but your loyal fans can wait until you get things sorted out! I know that feeling of being totally overwhelmed. Where to start? How to organize all those photos and impressions from all the places you’ve been?


  3. I’m glad that you made it home safely, but I am sad that your trip is over.
    I look forward to hearing about your adventure when you get rested up and organized. That’s not an easy thing to do, I know – the organized part.


  4. Aloha! Can’t wait to see your photos … maybe sorting through your photos and writing your experiences will let your mind journey back to Italy — altho Hawaii ain’t all that bad:-) Welcome home…menehune


  5. Welcome Home Girasoli! That is such a great photohunt selection. Very cute grater. I know the feeling of having to transtion back after a long vacation. Thanks again for all the time you took out of your vacation to blog. It was a lot of fun following along on your adventures.
    Hope you’re having a restful Weekend.


  6. Thanks everyone! I am really happy to be home and I am very aware that I am very lucky to live in a beautiful place. If only Italy was not so far away so I could take a few trips a year. That would be the best of both worlds.
    Glad you enjoyed my PhotoHunt post this week. I did a double take when I first saw these in the shop window. Unfortunately the store was closed when I walked by. It would have been a fun store to browse in.


  7. Glad you’re back at home safe and sound! 4000 photos?! Now I know how you always have the perfect one. And I can’t wait to see whichever ones you post here. It was so wonderful meeting you in Stresa… I hope we have the chance to meet in Italy again one day. Ciao…


  8. María, I haven’t been able to get it down to less than a 4 day affair yet. Good thing work started on the 5th day back! I’m hoping to get in a rhythm soon so I can share more of my photos. I am trying to finish up my trip report first which is slowing me down.


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